A Newfound Pleasure
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A Newfound Pleasure

on Jun 29, 2023

Alex shivered, and he felt a slight bit of irritation flare up.

         “Are you gonna do anything?” he bit back, staring behind him into darkness. He was in his room, his parents gone for the weekend. But he wasn’t alone.

         “Just looking at you,” the other boy returned in his deep voice.

         “I get that, Jason, I just feel a little exposed here,” Alex said. He was wearing one of his sister’s bras, one of his mom’s skirts and a pair of panties he bought and washed at a consignment store. Jason was one of his sister’s friends, three years older than him, but the two had flirted unknowingly and sparked an attraction.

         As soon as his family was gone for the weekend, Alex called Jason, bluntly asking him if he wanted to fuck. Jason agreed, the both of them sharing how they were mutually interested in how it would feel.

         And thus that led to this moment; Alex on his hands and knees, arching his back in his slutty skirt, and Jason appreciating his body–but how?

         “Also, how are you even seeing me right now?” Alex hissed. He wanted the lights to be off, a bit mortified by the thought of fucking his sister’s friend, but too horny to care.

         “The moon,” was all Jason said, but his voice was closer, nearer to Alex’s ear, and goosebumps immediately traveled up his body at the proximity. Alex felt Jason’s warmth then, the older boy far bigger than he, dwarfing his body on the bed.

         Jason’s hand finally touched Alex and Alex loosened a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Jason’s large, calloused palm ran up and down the back of Alex’s thigh, brushing against his skirt and against the panties he wore.

         “You’re so soft,” Jason murmured. His touch grew closer and closer to Alex’s cock that was hard and straining against his panties; finally Jason’s knuckles softly brushed against Alex’s balls and he couldn’t help but whimper.

         “You’re so sweet,” Jason cooed, loving Alex’s reaction.

         “Shut up and just fuck me,” Alex hissed back into darkness. Jason seemed to obey, leaning over and grabbing the bottle of lube he had. The sound of clothes coming off filled the air, the clothing hitting the floor as Jason threw it off. Then the sound of the bottle opening, before he squeezed some lube out, likely smearing it over his cock. His hand was still covered in lube when he reached forward, grabbing Alex’s panties and ripping them off easily.

         “Hey! Those cost ten dollars–oh, fuck,” Alex was cut off, his voice fading into arousal as Jason’s lube-covered fingers rubbed along his hole, pressing into him just slightly.

         Jason’s laugh filled the air, his other hand running up and down Alex’s back, slipping under the bra and taking it off, leaving the boy clad in a short, slutty pink skirt that hugged his body and made his ass even more enticing.

         “C-can you just put it in?” Alex breathed, upset at how breathy his voice sounded. Jason had been lightly thrusting his fingers in and out of his hole, lubing him up, smearing it around his hole and inside of him.

         “You don’t like being teased,” Jason murmured.

         “Who does?” Alex scoffed.

         Jason shifted and Alex swallowed nervously, suddenly too aware of the heat pressing at his back, the tip of Jason’s cock pressing into his ass.

         “You’ll learn to love it,” Jason said darkly, his words promising further sexual encounters. Alex opened his mouth to retort but before he could form a sentence, Jason was pushing into him. His cock was average sized but it was thick and mean looking, and it sent shivers of delicious pleasure through Alex’s body as it slowly pushed into him.

         “Fuck,” Alex hissed.



         “That feel good?” Jason asked, his voice close to his ear. The man was bending over Alex’s body, pressing his chest to his back as he slowly bottomed out within the boy, his walls stretching to fit him.

         “Mhm,” was all Alex could manage, his arms shaking as he tried to hold himself up.

         Jason reached forward, hitting Alex’s arms out from under him, making the boy collapse face-first into the bed, his ass up and Jason’s hands holding onto his waist the only thing keeping him up.

         “Ass!” Alex shouted, but his cries quickly turned into moans as Jason pulled his cock out inch by inch, reveling in the way Alex’s walls clamped down on him and tried to milk him. Before he was pulled all the way out, Jason thrust back in, Alex’s body molding underneath him as he took his dick.

         “Such a good slut,” Jason growled.

         “I-I’m n-not a slut,” Alex said, stuttering as Jason pushed his legs out further, opening him even further for a rough fucking.

         One of Jason’s hands reached forward, fisting into Alex’s hair and grabbing a fistful of it, making the boy’s neck ache as his head was pulled back just as Jason pulled out and thrust back in within a second of each other, rolling his hips as he did so.

         When Alex let out a long, needy whine, Jason laughed in his ear.

         “Yes you are.”

         Alex decided to not speak instead, biting his lip as Jason languidly thrust into him–slow thrusts but deep thrusts that had Alex drawing blood from his lips as he tried to not whimper.

         Jason’s other hand left Alex’s hip and ran down his skinny body, feeling along his waist and even curling around his front, tweaking the boy’s nipple before returning to his waist as he delivered a particular strong thrust, a thrust strong enough to have Alex’s lip released from his teeth and a long, lewd moan strung from his lips.

         “Fuck,” Alex whined.

         “Mmm,” Jason growled, his hips snapping as he began to thrust faster, picking up an incessant and rapid pace. Each of his thrusts had Alex’s body pushing further against the bed, his headboard slamming against the wall as he was now being pounded by Jason, the man’s thrusts merciless and seemingly looking to make Alex break.


         “Yes baby?” Jason growled, releasing Alex’s hair as he held the boy’s waist with both hands, bringing his body to meet his thick cock with every thrust.

         “I-I’m gonna c-cum soon,” Alex said, hiccuping as waves of pleasure shivered along his body, his skin erupting in waves of delicious heat.

         “You gonna cum all over yourself? I’ve barely fucked you yet.”

         Alex nodded, whimpering and moaning his yes.

         “Aw, poor baby gonna make a mess of himself,” Jason growled, his voice growing hoarse and animalistic with each of his thrusts as he practically rutted within the boy, pinning him by the waist and making him take each thrust all the way.

         “Mhm,” Alex moaned, his cock twitching and straining against his stomach.

         “Cum for me then, baby,” Jason growled.

         Alex couldn’t not cum, especially after his sister’s friend was saying such lewd things into his ear and destroying him–so he came, his cock twitching and rope after rope of his cum painting the sheets under him. He cried out as he came, biting down on a pillow to try to muffle some of the sound, but a quick slap from Jason to his ass had him releasing the pillow, letting his moans and cries spill into the air.

         “Let me hear you cry,” Jason grunted, hips still pistoning in and out of Alex’s tight boy pussy, refusing to still. Overstimulation grew quickly within Alex, his cock feeling like it was continually cumming despite the fact that he wasn’t as Jason continued to fuck him.

         “Jason, Jason, Jason,” Alex cried like a mantra. When he invited the man over to fuck, he didn’t expect it to feel this good–and a bit of fear wound itself within him. Was he growing addicted to the boy’s cock? He could see himself calling Jason whenever he was horny, letting the man fuck him in the shower, pounding him in a guest room at a party, fingering him under his skirt, taking him–



         Jason’s body collapsed on top of him and his muscular biceps curled around Alex’s front as he was fucked mercilessly, his ass pressed into the curve of Jason’s front, perfectly positioned to take his cock as deep as possible while maintaining as much physical contact as possible.

         “Need you,” Jason grunted between gritted teeth.

         Alex nearly came again at the clear desperation in the other boy. His ass was clenching around his cock so viciously that his thrusts were growing slower as it was harder to pull out each time.

         “You’re trying to milk me dry,” Jason growled.

         Alex whined in response.

         “You want that?”

         Alex pressed his ass up in tune with each of Jason’s thrusts, feeling his ass jiggle with each thrust. He was loving this, his ass and thighs messy with the fluids coming from them both.

         “Want me to cum in your little boy pussy?” Jason growled right in Alex’s ear, biting on his earlobe.

         Alex’s breath caught and he felt himself cum again, his balls tightening but only a few short spurts of cum leaking from him. He was already drained, sweating, and fucked to exhaustion by Jason.

         “Tell me,” Jason hushed, his thrusts growing sloppy and sporadic.

         “P-please,” Alex whined.

         “Please what?” Jason asked, hand winding around Alex’s throat to grasp it, slightly adding pressure there, enough to let the boy breathe but just enough to let him know who he belonged to and that he was powerless in this situation, merely a slut getting dicked.

         “Please cum in me,” Alex whined, begging, wanting to feel the boy’s cum fill him up.

         Jason obliged almost immediately; his hips stilled and rope after rope of hot cum spilled from his cock deep into Alex’s hole. Alex whined and writhed under him, loving the way the hot cum seemed to seep further and further into his pussy.

         “I’ll push it deeper just for you baby,” Jason said, giving a few shallow thrusts to push the cum even deeper into Alex.

         “Fuck,” Alex moaned. “How?”

         Jason laughed against the boy’s earlobe, one of his hands reaching down to gently stroke Alex’s cock a few times, smearing the cum all over his soft cock.

         “How what, baby?”

         “H-how do you know what I want?”

         Jason smiled against the boy’s ear.

         “I told you before. You’re a slut.”

         Alex shook his head, mewling as Jason pulled out of him. Suddenly he was empty, and the feeling of being empty scared him so much because he was against that feeling. He wanted Jason to fuck him again, to plug him up–

         Jason roughly grabbed onto Alex, turning the boy around and pinning him down. He raised the boy’s legs to the side, wrapping them around his waist. Lazily, he stroked his cock, staring down at the boy. The moonlight worked in favor of Jason, exposing Alex but keeping him in the darkness–until a sliver of it fell upon Jason’s thick cock, covered in cum and Alex’s own fluids. Alex blushed at the sight–and even further, Jason’s cock was still hard.

         “You’re my slut,” Jason said with a smile, pushing his cock into Alex’s hole again. Alex would learn that night that Jason had quite an extensive stamina, fucking him hard and rough, eventually fucking him so hard that the boy cried under him, whining and mewling, words unable to form in his mind from the sheer pleasure.

         But he proved Alex right.

         He was Jason’s slut.

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