Butt Plugs 101: Your Ultimate Handbook for Safe and Sensational Play
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Butt Plugs 101: Your Ultimate Handbook for Safe and Sensational Play

on Oct 29, 2023

What is a Butt plug?

As the name suggests, a butt plug is a plug for your butt — short and simple. Though, there are quite a few nuances about how to use one, what type is the best, and whether or not you should even attempt it. 

A butt plug can have many different purposes:

  1. They can be used in preparation for anal sex, as a way to stretch those muscles
  2. They can add intensity and be another source of pleasure during sex or by yourself.
  3. They can be worn discreetly in public or under your clothing, to keep you aroused and feeling naughty during all times of the day!

The purpose of a butt plug is to provide stimulation and pleasure. It is inserted into your anus, which can cause pleasurable sensations when it moves around inside you. Since the anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings, when something is inserted it can feel really good — especially if you have the right size and shape for your body!

 When it comes to using a butt plug safely, you should always start slow and use lots of lubrication. Start with an appropriately sized plug that won’t be too big or too small for your anatomy. You should also make sure that you use a toy specifically designed for anal play as most other types of toys are not designed for this kind of play and can be dangerous (We will go over picking the right butt plug in the next section.) Once you’ve chosen the perfect plug — lube it up before inserting it so that everything goes smoothly.

Once the plug is in place, depending on how comfortable it feels, take some deep breaths before slowly thrusting or gyrating your hips to enjoy all the new sensations. Try different strokes and speeds until you find something that works best for you — just remember to go slow at first! If at any time during insertion or playtime anything starts feeling uncomfortable or painful then stop immediately. No one should ever feel pain while enjoying anal play — so if this happens don't be afraid to remove the toy calmly and take some time out before trying again!

Above all else, practice common sense: listen to what your body is telling you - if it says 'no'.


What You Should Know Before Buying One 

They are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small and discrete to larger, more adventurous toys. 

Despite all the various types and sizes, we’d recommend starting off nice and slow and working your way up to bigger, more sophisticated toys. 

No matter what level of anal experience you are at — don’t cheap out! Many cheaper toys can leak dye or chemicals and aren’t safe to put in your body. So do your research and pick the perfect toy for you!

If you’re new to anal play then starting with a basic shape is the best way to go. Start off with something small, or if you’ve had some experience, move up to a medium size plug, like you can find it with this Rose Plug Set. If you want an extra challenge then there are lots of fun shapes and sizes out there for you too! 

In terms of materials, it’s best to stick with stainless steel, glass or silicone. These materials have been tested and are the safest for insertion into your body. Be sure to look for non-porous materials that won’t absorb bacteria or other harmful substances — this will help keep your toy clean and safe for use. 

Finally, don't forget lube — it's essential when using any kind of butt plug! Use a water-based lube as this type of lubricant is the most body-friendly option available and won't break down the material of your toy like oil or silicone based lubes can. We wrote in a previous blog about the importance of lube. You can check it out here.

Now that you know what kind of butt plugs are out there and how to use them safely, all that's left is finding the perfect one for you! So start shopping around and find yourself the perfect plug — whether it be small or large, plain or fancy- we guarantee you'll find something that suits your needs and desires perfectly!


How to Prepare Using a Butt Plug

This has been mentioned in the rest of the article, but be sure to lube up! Your anal cavity isn’t self-lubricating (like a vagina, for example.)

Always be sure to start slow. Assume a comfortable position, either on all fours on the floor or lying on your back with your feet up in the air.

When your buttplug and your asshole are sufficiently lubed up, then slowly insert the toy. You should feel some pressure, but assuming you used enough lube, then you shouldn’t feel any pain at all. 

Press the plug inside, letting your asshole do most of the work. 

Once inside, it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. This is perfectly natural, as your body and ass will be adjusting. Don’t fret! Take a few deep breaths and let your body get accustomed to the toy. 

Once it’s in, and you feel comfortable, then start playing! Remember, your ass is full of nerve endings, so feel free to thrust the plug in and out or push it deeper to reach all levels of new pleasure!


Butt Plugs in the Bedroom

Butt plugs are perfect to spice up the bedroom! Using it during sex can reveal a whole new level of pleasure. 

This can stimulate even more nerve endings and result in an even more intense orgasm.

Try positions such as doggy style or girl-on-top to make the most of the butt plug. With the plug already in place, penetration can become even more stimulating with these positions. The friction from thrusting your hips against each other will increase pleasure immensely.

If you’re looking for something a little saucier, then why not try spicing up your experience with temperature play? With glass or stainless steel plugs, you can experiment by cooling them down or heating them up for an extra special sensation! To heat up the toy make sure to use only water and never microwave – safety first! 

Having your partner insert or remove the toy can be both intimate and arousing! If your partner can turn you on with some steamy foreplay, your muscles will be nice and relaxed, allowing the butt plug to enter even easier. 

And remember, butt plugs aren’t just for girls! In fact, the male G spot is located in the ass, and having a toy up there can help him reach an orgasm unlike any other! Preparation is just the same as with a girl. Go slow and use lube.

Pelvic thrusting ability may be limited when using a butt plug, so when there is a toy up your man’s ass, try different positions like cowgirl so that he can just lay back and enjoy it all!



Butt plugs can be an amazing addition to any bedroom, whether you are alone or with a partner. But, it is important to take it slow and use the right sized plug for your individual needs. Start with smaller sizes and lube up before inserting the toy – this will help make sure that you don't feel any pain when using the plug. Both men and women can enjoy the sensation of a butt plug during sex as it can increase pleasure immensely. 

Temperature play is also possible by cooling down or heating up glass or stainless steel toys for an extra special sensation! Whatever you decide, remember to go slow and enjoy the journey towards discovering new levels of pleasure.

Silicone, Glass and Steel Butt Plugs


Below a short FAQ, kinda summary for you:

  1. Q: What is a butt plug? A: A butt plug is a sex toy designed for anal stimulation. It typically features a tapered end for easy insertion and a flared base to prevent it from getting lost inside the body.

  2. Q: How do I use a butt plug? A: Apply plenty of water-based lubricant to the plug and your anal area. Gently insert the tapered end, stopping at a comfortable point. Ensure the flared base remains outside the body for safety.

  3. Q: Are butt plugs safe to use? A: When used correctly and with care, butt plugs are safe. It's important to start with smaller sizes, use sufficient lubrication, and never force insertion. Always choose toys made from body-safe materials.

  4. Q: Can anyone use a butt plug? A: While many people enjoy using butt plugs, they may not be suitable for everyone. People with certain medical conditions or recent surgeries should consult a healthcare professional before using one.

  5. Q: How do I clean a butt plug? A: Clean the butt plug with warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner before and after each use. Ensure it's completely dry before storage.

  6. Q: Are there different sizes and materials for butt plugs? A: Yes, butt plugs come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, including silicone, metal, and glass. Beginners often start with smaller sizes and softer materials for comfort and ease of use.

  7. Q: Possible that a butt plug stretch me? A: A butt plug, when used properly and with gradual sizing, should not permanently stretch the anus. Start with smaller sizes and progress gradually to larger ones, allowing the muscles to adjust without causing long-term stretching.

  8. Q: Can a butt plug disappear inside me? A: A properly designed butt plug with a flared base is designed to prevent it from getting lost inside the body. Always ensure the base remains outside the body. If the plug is correctly used and has a flared base, it cannot fully disappear inside.

  9. Q: Is a butt plug good toy to prepare for anal sex? A: Yes, using a butt plug can be a helpful way to prepare for anal sex. It can help relax the muscles, gradually accustoming them to penetration and providing a sense of fullness, aiding in more comfortable and pleasurable anal sex. However, talk to your partner, be patient, and the use of lubrication are equally important for a positive experience.

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