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Comic-Con Adventure

on May 31, 2023

Ashley had been to Comic-Con two times before. The first time, she went dressed as “sexy Kirby”, with a pink bikini that left little to the imagination. The second time she went as Master Chief. Sexy Kirby left her feeling a bit too exposed in the convention and wearing Master Chief’s armor had left her panting and desperate for water.

         So, for her third time at the convention, Ashley opted for something that felt like a compromise between the two; Lara Croft. She had just enough of her cleavage and ass out that she felt sexy, but covered enough to not feel noticed by the creeps. That was the worst of it for Ashley–the creeps and how their eyes tracked her movement, the swaying of her hips and the bounce of her tits as she walked down steps.

         That’s why that man caught her eye.

         To be honest, she didn’t know what he was dressed as. He was dressed in para-military gear, with thick pants that had all sorts of protection on it from presumably gunfire. He had fake guns strapped across his back and his face was covered with a black mask. Ashley had seen him once and she bristled; his back was to hers but he was decently tall and he seemed to be large and muscular, although she couldn’t quite tell due to the large amount of bulletproof armor he wore.

         The second time she saw him their eyes met again, and again, and again. He walked shortly ahead of her with a group of military-dressed guys while she stayed back all alone. Every few minutes he and his friends would turn into a stall and look at some merchandise or figurines, and his head would always turn to find her. Ashley always blushed and looked away, but she couldn’t help the arousal flaming within her. All she could think about was how his eyes would feel on her if she were under him, how his hands in that rough leather glove would feel slapping her ass, how–

         A rough hand grabbed Ashley’s wrist just as she turned to clear her head. Ashley looked and made eye contact with the man. He towered over her, and his chest heaved up and down with every breath. They didn’t say anything–they didn’t need to. Their bodies said enough.

         The two found a bathroom in a small corner of the convention that didn’t have many people wandering in. The handicapped stall was quickly occupied, with Ashley on her knees, hands fumbling to unbuckle the man’s belt.

         After pulling down his cargo pants, Ashley made quick work of tugging his boxers down, freeing his thick eight inch cock. Ashley inhaled the heavy musk, her clit throbbing, as she reached forward to wrap her hands around it. It was hot and thick and steaming in her hands, and it jumped at her touch.

         “Fuck,” the guy hissed above her, his voice distorted and faded by the mask.

         “Mm, fuck,” Ashley moaned, spitting on his cock, rubbing the lube up and down. Her panties were drenched, slick spilling from her cunt.

         “Suck it,” the man ordered, grabbing onto Ashley’s ponytail–the signature Lara Croft ponytail. Ashley happily obliged, opening her hot mouth to take the man’s cock deep into her mouth. His precum tasted salty, and she swirled her tongue all around the head before taking him deeper.

         “Fuck you’re taking me so deep,” he murmured, tugging on her hair, his hips twitching.

         Ashley hummed on his cock, her eyes watering as she forced to take him nearly all the way.

         “That’s not enough,” the man said, thrusting his hips forward. His hard cock shot all the way into Ashley’s mouth, beginning to go down her throat. Ashley stilled, keeping him there, holding still so that his thick cock could fill up her mouth.

         “That’s good,” he moaned, his entire cock held in Ashley’s throat.

         Then she started moving her head.

         Relaxing her throat as much as possible, Ashley bobbed up and down on his cock, deepthroating him all the way. His balls would rub against her chin every time she took him all the way deep, but she loved it. Her hands, no longer helping masturbate the man’s cock, went down until she found her clit, toying with herself. Moving her panties to the side, she slid two of her own fingers inside of her, crying out on the man’s cock.

         “God you’re so hot,” the man said, grunting.

         Spit was dripping down Ashley’s chin to land on her chest. Her mouth was a sloppy sleeve for the man’s cock, and she made it so, sucking him ruthlessly all the while her fingers curled and pumped deep inside of herself.

         The man suddenly shivered and hissed, before pulling his cock out of Ashley. Even more spit came from her mouth and dripped down her body, pooling near her stomach. The man hauled Ashley up by her shoulders, pushing her near the wall by the toilet. He kicked her legs out to either side, bent her down, and shoved his cock deep inside of her pussy.

         “Fuck!” she moaned, her head thrown back. The man’s hand wrapped around her ponytail, the other gripping her waist. He pulled his eight inch throbbing cock out before slamming it back in, his hips twitching at a vigorous rate.

         He pummeled her, pistoning into her with a wrath. Every time she squirmed under him, he raised his hand and brought it down on her ass, leaving red marks. Her wet pussy clenched around his thick cock, coaxing him into cumming deep inside of her.

         “You want my fuckin’ cum?” he asked, leaning his torso over her back to whisper in her ear.

         Ashley nodded and he clenched her hair harder.

         “You fuckin use your words,” he snapped, his hips snapping into hers, his balls slapping her with every powerful thrust.

         “Please f-fuck,” Ashley said, her eyes crossing and legs shaking as her orgasm neared, “f-fucking cum in me,” she drooled.

         There was something unbelievably hot to Ashley about being fucked by this man. His powerful arms caged her in, restricting every movement, forcing her to do nothing other than take his cock… and all from a stranger. She didn’t know this man and she never would, but here she was taking his cock like a good fucking slut.

         “P-please,” she begged again, as his thrusts had her tits pushed up against the cold tile wall. Her cunt was so sloppy, dripping with her own spit and slick and juices, it spilled from her thighs onto the floor; the man’s cock was relentless, fucking her raw and hard.

         “It’s coming just for you,” he gritted. Releasing her hair, he gripped her ass on either side and mercilessly pounded her pussy. All of her moans turned to high pitch squeals as he fucked her like a piston. Eyes crossing and toes curling, Ashley came hard on the man’s cock, her orgasm wrecking her, sending stars in her vision. Liquids squirted from her pussy, painting the man’s cock as he fucked her through her orgasm.

         Ashley made no intelligent sentences, only garbling nonsense as he continued to fuck her beat pussy to ruination. The man’s thrusts suddenly lost the speed but kept the power as he fucked into her one last time, holding her still as he sheathed himself balls-deep within her womb. His balls twitched as cum spurted from his cock.

         Ashley’s legs had gone numb, and the man’s arms were the only thing holding her up as he creamed deep inside of her. Her pussy walls tried to hold him in as he pulled out of her, and in his cock’s wake, fresh hot cum dripped from her pussy, landing on her thigh and some on the floor. The man grabbed Ashley’s ass, moving the flesh around, pulling the flesh around her pussy to watch the cum spill.

         They never saw each other again. They entered each other’s lives as strangers and left each other’s lives as strangers. But anytime late at night, Ashley felt her clit throb and her cunt ache, she plowed her fingers into herself, curling and widening, pressing and scissoring herself as she thought of the man’s merciless fucking, wanting nothing more than to be fucked again.

         Ashley would never come to know the man, but if she did, she might have been horrified. He wasn’t the masculine type she thought he was; in fact, he was a nerd. Your typical sweaty, stinky, doesn’t shower nerd–and he fucked her rough and hard.

         And she enjoyed it.

         He had no confidence before, but he was confident now. His thick eight inch cock made her cum and squirt on it, after giving him the sloppiest head imaginable. Her pussy was hot and wet, everything he dreamed of, her body tight and so fuckable.

         He wanted to fuck again, wanted to cream in Ashley’s beaten pussy again, and again, and again.


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