Hana’s Glory
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Hana’s Glory

on Jul 11, 2023

Hana’s skin was covered in goosebumps and she awkwardly shifted from side to side. The plush table she was lying on was comfortable but cold. She was naked, her round ass set against the table and her tits hardened in the exposed air, but she couldn’t see the lower half of her body, as a strong and sturdy curtain separated her from the rest of the room. Her lower half was “left out” in a way for men to use it.

         She was a glory hole.

         Hana blushed, looking to the side, feeling heat creeping down her chest. She felt so scandalous in this position, as she was a shy and introverted young woman. She didn’t think she was attractive but wanted to experience the pleasures of sex, so she found a sex club that offered glory holes, and she knew what she needed. One of the glory hole rooms was for sucking cock and cock alone, but it was occupied so she gave the other room a try.

         Hana was surprised at how busy the sex club seemed to be, but she was instructed to wear a masquerade mask when entering if she so desired to protect her anonymity, and the entire reason she was visiting the sex club was for anonymity, so she quickly ducked into the glory hole room and set herself up with as little interaction as possible besides from checking in at the front desk.

         The room was small with a few small cabinets full of lube and after some investigation, Hana found a few sex toys: nipple clamps, ball gags, and a few others. Peeling her clothes off, Hana turned towards the gloryhole. On the wall there was a stiff curtain that hung down, clinging to the sides of the walls, but through the curtain there was a small hole, just big enough for her waist to fit through and comfortably sit. She sat on the bench, scooting forward until her waist slipped through and her legs and lower half were in the other room, unknown and unseen to her.

         Hana heard a muffled door open and voices enter the room where her legs were exposed–the opposite room–and she immediately tensed, her legs closed tightly. She wanted the sex, but she was still apprehensive about it, and she bit her lip nervously as she could hear the muffled voices as men approached her.

         “Fuck, look at her,” one man said, and she couldn’t contain her instinctive flinch when he ran his hands up and down her smooth, curvy legs.

         “It’s okay,” a different man offered kindly, “we’re going to make you feel good. Relax,” he murmured, his voice easing through the stiff curtain that separated them.

         Hana swallowed nervously, but her legs relaxed and grew pliant and soft in their hands. Their hands were coarse and rough, calloused, but some of them were softer and smoother. But despite the textures of their hands, they all massaged her flesh the same way, gripping handfuls of her flesh and grinding their fingers into the soft mounds.

         “Fuck, she’s got a fat ass,” one of the men said, lifting her hips so that he could palm her ass. The lifting resulted in her legs parting, and a man grabbed her leg and spread her legs open. She let out a small whine at the sound and the men across from her heard it, laughing and teasing her.

         “Aw, are you shy?” one of them teased, massaging her inner thigh. Heat was blossoming all over her legs, and she felt a slick of arousal leak from her cunt.

         “A shy little slut at a gloryhole, hm? You must be all pent up.”

         A man brushed his fingers against her pussy and her walls clenched down instinctively on nothing, but she whined and pressed her cunt against his hand, urging him on.

         “Look at you already keening for my fingers,” one of the men said. The pad of his thumb finally made contact with her clit and Hana sighed in appreciation as he circled her clit, rolling it and eliciting a delicious heat from within.

         “Finger her already,” one of the men complained, impatient. The men shuffled around, murmuring to themselves, before they found something that worked for them. One man ran his hands up and down the sliver of stomach that was exposed just before the stiff curtain, his other hand circling her clit. The other men massaged either of her thighs, while a final man pushed one thick finger into her pussy.

         At first, it seemed like her pussy couldn’t take his finger; it was abnormally large and girthy and while she wasn’t a virgin, she hadn’t had sex in a long time. But her walls stretched and took him deep inside of her, and the man hissed out.

         “Shit, she’s tight,” he grunted. The rest of the men seemed to mutter in approval. “Fuck, she’s gripping me so tight, I’ve gotta work this pussy in and give her a few orgasms or else she’s not going to be able to fit any of us.”

         “Good fuckin slut,” one of the men murmured to the side.

         The man pressed his finger as deeply as he could into her, and her walls clenched on his thick finger. Her pussy was stretching deliciously, and when he curled his fingers inside of her she couldn’t help but moan.

         The men laughed on the other side.

         “You enjoying just one finger huh? I haven’t even started thrusting yet,” the man cooed. “We’re gonna make you squirt all over yourself. No need to be shy with us, we can see everything.”

         The man thumbing her clit squeezed it gently and her walls clenched around the finger in her pussy. A second digit entered her pussy and curled just as the man rocked his fingers inside of her, pushing them in and pulling them out, letting her walls scrape his fingers every time he pulled them nearly out before plunging them back in.

         The overwhelming wave of pleasure had Hana’s eyelashes fluttering. As someone becoming a gloryhole, you aren’t supposed to talk, but you can moan, so when the man started plunging his fingers violently in and out of Hana’s cunt, the moans and screams came easily from her throat.

         “Such a good slut taking all of this,” the man said.

         Some of them lifted their hands up and slapped her thighs, leaving angry red marks that only had a deep blush forming all over her body, her legs trembling from the stimulation to her clit and her pussy.

         When the man inserted a tight third finger into her cunt, continuing to plow away at her, she came hard on his fingers, her walls clenching down and trying to milk his fingers greedily for cum. The man didn’t stop, continuing to finger her through her orgasm. Another man focused on her clit, pinching it and spitting on it, lubing it up and slapping it, so that when the man inserted a fourth finger into her pussy she came again.

         “Fuck,” one of the men said.

         “Move over, I’ve gotta fuck her now.”

         Hana, in her post orgasm bliss, could barely make out the sounds of fabric falling to the floor and footsteps before the tip of a cock nudged at her pussy. Her legs instinctively spread wider, and she almost immediately received praise from the men.

         “Oh, look at that, she wants more.”

         “Spreading her legs like a good little slut.”

         “Yeah? You want my cock? You’ll fuckin’ take it,” the last man said, presumably the one in between her legs, as the tip of his cock nudged into her pussy, pushing past her walls until he was balls deep. His cock was thick and girthy, and it rubbed her walls deliciously, filling a tightness within her that she had craved to be filled for quite some time.

         When he started rocking back and forth, she moaned, crying out instinctively:

         “Oh, fuck, yes,” she moaned.

         The men growled appreciatively, and got aggressive from her cries of pleasure. The man inside her was soon properly fucking her, pistoning his thick girthy cock in and out of her. His hands grasped at her waist, pulling her against the stiff curtain with every thrust. She met his thrusts with vigor, taking his cock all the way into her, enjoying the way his cock stretched her and hit all the right spots in the walls, making her toes curl and eyes roll back in ecstasy.

         The other men kept her legs spread but bent and used the fold of the back of her knees as a spot to thrust their cocks into. Her orgasms crashed down onto her wildly and without constraint, her cunt sloppy with her own slick and juices that ran down her trembling thighs.

         Over the course of the previous few hours, she wasn’t sure how many men she had taken. She didn’t recognize any of their voices; some came in alone, others with another man, but each of them used her, fucking her with their thick cocks, making her take them deep and hard. She took so many different cocks that night; some thick and long that reached so deeply into her that they bumped her womb, others girthy and short that plugged her up. There was something addicting about being pounded by a long cock that abused her deepest walls, just to be replaced by a smaller but thicker cock that had her eyes rolling.

         Hana was on her stomach, her ass pushed up. She hadn’t switched voluntarily but a man suggested it to her and she turned over onto her stomach, pushing her ass up. When he fucked her, his balls slammed heavily against her clit, and she loved it so much she felt a pressure building up in her cunt, a lightheadedness building in her head. The man had lifted his hand and slapped her ass, kneading the flesh as he fucked her hard and rough just as the pressure expanded and then snapped.

         She squirted all over his cock, moaning and writhing against the bench, her slippery cunt exploding with juices. He fucked through it, her juices squirting all over his cock and his abdomen, and it only seemed to encourage the rapid fucking.

         Hana was delirious with lust, drool spilling from her lips onto the bench, her hole abused and worn out. The man pulled out of her sloppy cunt, more juices leaking after his cock–which had effectively served as a plug–was disconnected with her tight cunt.

         “You ever done anal?” the other man in the room asked, dragging his fingers up her sensitive pussy and smearing her juices over his cock.

         Hana moaned aloud at the thought, too dick hungry to care about anything else. The man dragged the tip of his cock around her perky asshole, pressing the tip in before pulling it out, watching the flesh mold around the mushroom head of his cock. Hana’s cunt spasmed and she nearly orgasmed from the sensation, her clit swollen and pussy overstimulated.

         The man dipped the tip of his cock again into her asshole, dragging it around the rim, making sure that she knew what was about to happen. In the next instant, the man pushed in, forcing his cock deep into her asshole. Hana screamed, erupting in another orgasm of squirt that sprayed from her pussy down onto the bench, her cunt clenching around nothing. The other man in the room quickly fitted a few fingers into her pussy, plugging her up while his friend thrusted deep and hard into her asshole, using both of her holes at once.

         Hana couldn’t be sure how many times she came. All she knew was that several hours later she was exhausted, her body limp against the table, her cunt and asshole covered in her own slick and other men’s cum. Her pussy lips were swollen, her clit overstimulated, and her asshole gaping. Without a doubt she would be back: she knew it. The experience had awoken a hunger for cock that she had been burying for some time, but now she knew just the place to exhaust that urge.

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