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Her Monstrous New Toys

on May 22, 2023

I walked past the sex store as I hustled through the strip mall. My hazel eyes glanced inside the store, which seemed to be filled to the brim with a whole host of sex toys. I had used a small silicon dildo before, but nowadays it didn’t seem to provide the same pleasure as it once did. I walked inside the store, my curiosity getting the better of me. What's the harm in looking around?

 As I walk through the aisle, I begin to scan the dildos. The first one that caught my eye had large veins on it, which looked like it could be quite pleasurable, especially if you're someone who likes a bit more girth. The next one in line is another standard silicone dildo, but this one has what looks like a ribbed shaft. All the dildos seemed so much more sophisticated than what I was used to. My pussy began to quiver at the thought of these large toys inside me.

As I walked down the aisle, I passed the regular human cocks and began towards the animalistic and monster dildos. My eye catches onto a huge monster tentacle dildo. The thing is about 7 inches long, but thick and covered with suction cups. It was nothing like I had ever seen before, and I knew I needed it.

I grab the tentacle dildo. The silicon felt delicate in my hands, though the dildo was sturdy and hard.

As I begin to walk to the counter, silicone dildo in hand, my eye catches a glimpse of another dildo, a much bigger one.

            “A horse dildo…” I whimpered under my breath. The dildo was sculpted like the swinging cock of a horse, as long as my forearm with a bulbous tip. My knees shook, and I could feel my asshole and pussy pucker. I couldn’t take all that, could I?

            Despite my reluctance, my shaking hand reached up and grabbed the cock. Just wrapping my fingers around the horse dildo made my breath whimper.

 I walked to the counter with both dildos in hand. A young boy behind the counter looked up from his phone, "Can I help you?" He asked in a bored tone.

"Yes," I replied, looking at the boy, "I want these."

The boy's lips curled into a dirty smirk. "Ahh the monster tentacle dildo, huh, and the horse one? You don't seem like the type of girl that would be interested in these."

I blushed. "Well, I've never tried anything like this before. I'm just curious."

The boy's eyes scanned me up and down, causing the blush to intensify in my cheeks. In truth, I was a petite girl with an innocent facade. I needed two hands to even hold the dildos. Just the thought of me using them must have been hysterical to the store clerk.

The boy smiled to himself and handed me the dildos. I paid and shoved them into my purse, eager to get home to try my new toys. 

 I made my way back to my apartment building, my heart still racing from the excitement of trying out my new toys. Once I got upstairs, I pulled the door open and ran straight to my bedroom. I stripped off my clothes, laying naked in my bed. My hair fanned out on my pillow as my breath whimpered. I pulled out both dildos, the monster one was shorter with a smaller tentacle-like tip, and the horse dildo was long, and round. I wanted them both. My body yearned to be pleasured once again.

Eventually, I settled on the tentacle one. It would be a bit easier to start off with.

Slowly, I rubbed the tip of the dildo against my pussy, my grool dripping down as I squirmed on the bed. The old dildo I had for years was nothing compared to this one. The soft silicone was so big and felt amazing against my skin. My lip quivered as my toes curled. My pink nipples were hard as diamonds as the tip of the dildo teased my slit. I laid shaking on the bed as my lips quivered, grinding myself onto the monster cock, the tip making its way deeper and deeper inside of my panting pussy.

"Ohhh fuck..." I moaned, my eyes fluttering closed. The dildo was thin at the tip, but the shaft was much thicker down below, much like the tentacles of a fantasy creature. A dirty smile crossed my lips as my mind filled with pleasure. Slowly, I lowered the tip of the tentacle dildo down to my puckering asshole.

"Ohh yes!" I whimpered, pushing the tip of the dildo inside my ass. My pink asshole gripped the grool coated tip, causing my mind to buzz and my heart to pound like a drum. I had tried anal before with my old dildo, but this one would be so much better.

With the tip still inside my ass, I rolled over onto my side, opening my bedside table drawer. My hand rummaged inside until I found my small bottle of lube. Whimpering, I coated my hand and fingers with the lubrication. I was going to need it with the size of this dildo.

I stroked the shaft of the tentacle dildo with my lube-coated hand, moaning as if I were stroking a real monster cock. I dribbled a bit more lube on my fingers as I circled them around my panting asshole.

I lowered the tentacle dildo down to my ass, lube dripping off the suction cups as I slowly pushed it deeper into my ass. I held my breath as the thick monster cock stretched my tight little hole.

"AHHH!" I cried, pushing the dildo past my sphincter. "Fuck! That feels so good!" I moaned, my eyes fluttering and my toes curling.

The dildo slipped into my ass and I let out a satisfied moan as the first two inches shoved inside me. My asshole gripped the toy, and my heart pounded like a war drum. I could feel my juices begin to drip down my pussy to my ass.

I wanted the entire thing inside me, but it was so big. My mind raced as the thick toy lingered inside my ass. I pulled it out an inch before shoving it back in, thrusting the first few inches of the toy inside my tight asshole. "Oh yes... Fuck fuck fuck!" I moaned.

My body throbbed with pleasure and my eyes rolled back into my head as I began to thrust the shaft of the giant tentacle dildo faster and harder, each thrust going a bit deeper inside my ass, with lube splattering all over my panting body. With each thrust of the dildo, my asshole clenched tighter on the tentacle cock. The pressure grew in my asshole as if it would burst.

"OH FUCK YES!" I screamed, my body trembling at the intensity of my pleasure.

Half the dildo was inside of my ass. My asshole was gaping and my body clenched. I needed all of it. My mind was flooded with pleasure, and my clit was throbbing. The euphoria and pleasure were more intense than any real cock could ever bring me. My body began to quiver as I thrust the last few inches of the monster dildo into my ass, my muscles gripping the shaft and milking it.

"AH! Yesssss!" I moaned, my euphoria rushing through my body.

my feet kicked the sheets of my bed as my pussy dribbled with grool. my jaw dropped and my back spasmed. "FUCK!" I cried.

The monster dildo rammed deep into my ass as my thighs trembled. I couldn't believe how good it felt, despite the huge size. The monster dildo moved in and out of my ass, sliding in and out with ease as my grool spilled down, coating the dildo and my asshole. I moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as I could feel the orgasmic pleasure building.

With one hand on the dildo, thrusting it in and out of my ass, my other hand began to rub my sensitive clit.

"Oh fuck..." I grunted. "I'm cumming!"

My asshole clamped tight around the tentacle dildo as if it was trying to pull the toy inside of me. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Sweat coated my pale body as my feet spread as far as they could. The pressure in my ass was intense, but amazing at the same time. My ass gripped the ribbed shaft of the dildo as my other hand plunged inside my slit. Compared to the dildo, the size of my fingers was no problem, especially with my spilling wetness.

I could feel my orgasm building like a dormant volcano about to blow. My body shook as my clit throbbed, the pressure inside my ass growing stronger, and my pussy dripping with juice. My soft moans reverberated through my room as I continued to grind the monster dildo in my ass.

"Ohhhh! FUCK!" I cried out as my clit erupted. The pleasure coursed through me like an eruption of euphoria. My body convulsed, and my hand slipped out of my pussy. Grool dripped from my fingers as I grabbed my tits, messaging them as my sphincter gripped the toy.

            With a whimper, I pulled the tentacle dildo out of my gaping, panting asshole. The shaft was covered in grool and lube as it glistened in the sunlight flooding through my windows.

I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face as I placed it on the mattress next to my naked, sweaty body. My mind was racing. The old dildo I used was nothing compared to the pleasure that this one brought me.

            My ass was nice and stretched out, and my clit was tingling as each breath caused more grool to dribble out of my slit down to my asshole.

Now that I was nice and warmed up, I knew it was time for the real test.

            Rolling over onto my side, I reached down to grab my purse off the floor, pulling out the huge horse dildo.

I held it up above my face, admiring the realistic texture and huge size of it. It was even longer than my forearm, and just as thick as well. Just imagining the round, bulbous head deep inside my ass was enough to make my eyes flutter.

            My small, delicate hand stroked up and down the thick shaft. I could barely wrap my fingers around the thing as I eyed it hungrily.

All the ridges on the toy made me whimper. My legs spread on the bed as my panting asshole bloomed like a flower. My body needed this toy inside it, and with the ecstasy coursing through my veins, I knew I could take it.

            I jerked the toy as I moaned quietly. “Fuck…. So fucking big.”

Bringing it up to my mouth, I ran my wet tongue up and down the shaft, sending shivers up my spine. I could barely get the tip of it inside my mouth, no matter how hard I tried, though my tongue still lashed against it like a whip.

            Saliva ran down the shaft as I licked it like a popsicle on a warm summer evening. My hand stroked up and down, getting the horse dildo nice and filthy. I would need it to be sopping wet for any chance of taking it.

My tongue ran up and down the shaft like I was a starving animal. I needed to devour the cock, my body yearned for it.

            My saliva dripped down onto the big round balls of the toy, dripping onto my sweaty, filthy body.

I felt addicted to the dirty toy. My clit vibrated and quivered as my tongue lashed up and down against it until each and every inch was dripping with saliva.

            My fluttering eyes watched the sunlight glisten off the wet shaft, making my entire body tingle. I was ready.

Slowly, I lowered the toy, making sure to spread my legs as I planted my feet on the bedding.

            The thick head of the horse cock pressed up against my blooming asshole.

“Ohhhh yesssss!” I moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head already. As I pushed, the pressure was intense, but I was so horny that all I could feel was euphoria.

The head pushed into my asshole. My round lips gripped the shaft as I held just the tip in. Even just the tip was enough to make me squirm, with my back arching off the sweaty bedding. 

             My breathing was shallow as I grit my teeth, closing my eyes as I pushed the toy in deeper. “Ohhhhh! Right there!” I moaned, feeling my ass gripping the shaft.

My feet rose up, kicking the air as I tried to spread my cheeks as far as they could go. The massive shaft of the horse cock was breathtaking. Not even the tentacle dildo could compare to the sheer pleasure this one was shooting up into my head.

            “Godddd fuck!” I moaned like a wild animal, my tongue draping out of my saliva coated mouth like a dog in heat.

A million thoughts raced in my head, but I couldn’t focus on a single one of them. My entire being was fixated on taking the horse dildo.

            The thing slide up inside me one inch at a time, I knew there wasn’t enough room for all of it, but I wanted to take as much as I could.

With my feet straight up in the air and spread like a V, I took the horse dildo until there was no room left inside my petite little ass.

            My breath was short as I stared cross-eyed at the ceiling. It felt like the entire room was spinning as I drowned in the sea of pleasure. My ass gripped the shaft of the horse cock like a glove. It was a good seven or eight inches inside. With it being as thick as my fist, I was impressed at my body’s sheer will at taking it.

            My hips began to squirm as I grinded on the dildo, my poor tight asshole was pushed to the absolute limits, but I was loving it.

My jaw was on the floor, and my eyes were rolling to the back of my head as pure ecstasy flooded over me. “Ohhhh fuck!”

            I pulled the dildo out a few inches, providing a bit of relief in my abdomen, but not for long.

As I slid it back inside me, the storm of pleasure flooded me all over again. I couldn’t contain my loud moans of pleasure as my hands pulled the grool and saliva coated dildo in and out of my tight asshole.

            The grool of my pussy dribbled down onto the shaft of the monstrous cock, re-coating the shaft with wetness as it plunged in and out of my petite body relentlessly.

The more pleasure that coursed through my shaking body, the less pain I felt from the huge horse dildo thrusting in and out of my tight ass.

            I grit my teeth, my back arching up and down on my sheets as sweat stuck to my skin like dew. “Ohhh fuck! Fuck that feels so good!” I moaned loudly, feeling the cock thrust inside me with ease as wetness spilled out.

I could hardly hold on to the shaft as it was lathered in filthy wetness, and the pace of the thrusting picked up. The entire bed shook beneath me as my asshole was ravaged by the thick dildo.

            My toes curled on the sheets as my pink nipples poked up into the air, my mind racing as I tried not to drown in ecstasy.

My clit was throbbing. I could feel the orgasm building and about to burst.

            My body lurched as I squirmed like a fish out of water. My feet kicked in the air as I held the dildo deep inside my ass.

I could feel every ridge and line of the realistic cock against my ass, the pleasure was insurmountable as my clit finally erupted like a volcano.

            “OHHH YESSSSS!” I cried out, my breath panting as the orgasm shot through my spine like a bolt of lightning.

My body went stiff. My asshole gripped the dildo as the orgasm passed through me like a storm. All I could manage was short and shallow moaning as each and every synapse of my brain fired all at once.

            My body gave one last shiver of pleasure as I collapsed on the filthy bed. I panted for air as my mind still raced.

Slowly, I grit my teeth and pulled out the huge dildo, the pressure on my abdomen relieved as the horse cock slipped out.

            Each breath I took caused more grool and saliva to ooze out of my gaping ass.

The soft smile lingered on my lips as my eyes fluttered open. The monster tentacle dildo by my face, with the horse cock by my feet.

The pleasure that these two toys were unlike anything I had ever experienced. All I wanted to do was throw on my clothes and run back to the sex story and buy up their entire inventory. Though, I’d have to wait a while before I could even stand.

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