Erotic Story: Late Night Reunion with the Alpha Teacher
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Late Night Reunion with the Alpha Teacher

on Oct 26, 2023

 I finished my drink and placed it down on the kitchen counter. The music and shouting pounded in my ears—and I was more than ready to return home and jump underneath my blankets.

            Shayla, my best friend, dragged me to this party, and I lost her the second we were inside. She was a slut, and was probably banging some boy in a broom closet somewhere. She brought me to the party with the intention of having me lose my virginity tonight, though a house party was the last place I wanted to meet someone like to take my innocence.

All my other friends were in relationships and had no intention of coming to a dirty frat party.

            Though I was more than happy being single and waiting to lose my virginity. A part of me was a bit envious of all my friends, even Shayla.

I found my leather jacket and threw it over my white top. Brushing my black hair behind my ears, I made for the front door.

            The party house was crowded, with drunk college kids dancing shoulder to shoulder. The smell of alcohol flooded my nostrils as I shoved my shoulder into the crowd, desperate to get out into the fresh air.

            Finally, I managed to grab my heels and run out, I didn’t even bother putting them on.

Even the front yard was flooded with people. I squeezed past a couple making out against the front door frame as the rough pavement scratched my feet through my thin socks.

            The fresh air made my breath quiver. I breathed deeply on the edge of the lawn as I meandered down the pathway.

My phone was dead, and I lived too far to walk—so my only bet was to try and wave down a taxi.

            I walked past the yard as the moonlight flooded the street. My black skirt fluttered in the wind as I brushed my matching hair behind my ears.

I walked down past the gate as more kids rushed past me—eager to get into the party. My thin ankle socks did little to pillow the rough pavement, but my feet were way too sore to walk in heels.

            With a huff, I began to walk down the sidewalk, hoping to stumble onto a main street where I could begin my search for a taxi.

As I walked down the neighborhood, the sounds of the party drowned out behind me, the occasional shout from a drunk college kid would echo in the air—but I could finally hear myself think.

            The moonlight shone off the street as I walked, the stars were out and the sky was beautiful—though my night was anything but.

No matter how much I tried to have fun at parties, I never could. I always spend my time beating off boys, I couldn’t go one second without another dumb college boy grabbing my hips or asking me to dance. I sure as hell wasn’t going to lose my virginity to a dumb, drunk college boy.

            I shook my head, stray strands of black hair fell in front of my face as I held my leather coat across my chest.

            Just in front of me, the red ashes of a cigarette lit up.

I stood dead in my tracks. A man leaned against the trunk of a tree, facing right toward me. He took a deep inhale of his cigarette and I saw his black eyes peer at me in the moonlight.

            “Bit late for a walk?” He said, tapping the cigarette. Ashes fell down to the sidewalk as he went into for another puff.

I laughed nervously. “Yeah… Just coming back from a party.”

            The man stepped forward, uncovering from the shade of the trees into the moonlight.

My eyes widened. “Oh! Mr Oaks!”

My former science teacher laughed as he put out the cigarette. “I didn’t expect to see you here, Kylie.”

            I grinned from ear to ear. Mr Oaks was the best teacher I ever had, in fact, he was the sole reason I decided to go in Biology in college.’

I couldn’t help but drop my shoes and run up to give him a big hug. My arms wrapped around him as he shared my embrace, his hands running up and down my back. “My my, it’s only been a few months, but you look like a brand new woman.”

            I stepped back, “What can I say, I’m a college freshman now.”

I bent over, picking my shoes up.

The man’s eyes ran up and down my body. My legs were fully exposed underneath the frill of my short skirt, a much different look from the conservative uniforms I had to wear back in high school.

            “I hope you didn’t plan to walk home in that outfit.” The man said.

I glanced down to my socks. “Well, I was hoping to come across a taxi eventually…”

Mr Oaks laughed, the white streaks in his hair shone in the moonlight, and his stubbly beard was more filled out than I remembered.

“Nonsense. Here, I’ll give you a ride home.”

            I pursed my lips together, it was well past midnight, and I didn’t want to bother the man. “I think I can find a taxi, there is a main road just down—”

            “Come, I’m parked just across the street.”

The man began to walk towards his car—and with a huff, I followed. In truth, I had no idea where in the city we were, and I ride would be amazing.

His car was sleek, with tilted windows. I hopped into the passenger side as he unlocked the door.

            The seats of his car matched my leather coat, and as he turned the car on, the overhead light turned on.

I glanced over, Mr Oaks wore a tight grey Tshirt, revealing his muscles, and matching grey sweatpants. I couldn’t help but stare at his body. Every time I saw him in class, the man wore a full suit, and I had no idea how muscular he actually was.

            His eyes fell back on me as I slipped my jacket off my shoulders and tossed my shoes onto the floor. My tight white shirt was snug to my fit body, and the spaghetti strap was falling down my arm as I rested back into the seat.

My nipples poked out of the thin fabric, and I couldn’t help the blush in my cheeks. It was a bit embarrassing having my old teacher see me in such a slutty outfit—though; I was an adult now, and no longer his student.

            I gave the man my address, and slowly, Mr Oaks pulled out of his parking spot and we drove down the empty road.

My feet were still aching, I lifted my foot onto the edge of the seat as I massaged my sole. The frill of my skirt rode up, revealing my thighs.

I moaned gently as I dug my finger into my feet. Shayla had picked out my outfit for me, and she chose the most uncomfortable black heels known to mankind.

            Mr Oaks laughed as he stared out the windshield. “Do lots of dancing today?”

I shook my head, “Not really.”

            “Oh? I figured the boys would be desperate to get a dance with you.”

            “They are. Though I’m not too keen on it myself.”

Mr Oaks nodded, “I see, not looking for any relationship, are you?”

I huffed, staring out the window. “Perhaps… I’m just not too interested in dumb college boys.”

            There was a long silence.

I glanced back at the man, whose eyes were fixated on my legs. My skit was short, and with my foot on the edge of the seat, the fabric had slid down—revealing my thigh.

            My face flushed red as I noticed the bulge in his sweatpants growing. The overhead light in the car revealed all, and his lust was unmistakable.

My heart began to pound, my tight white top felt constricting as sweat dewed on my pale skin. Flashing back to school, Mr Oaks always had his eyes on me, he would dart his gaze away when I looked at him—but I knew he was into me.

            I had no idea what was going on. Being lusted by college boys was one thing, but an older man like Mr Oaks? What did a distinguished man like him see in me?

As his eyes rode up my bare thigh, I felt my pussy begin to grow wet. The breath in my lungs whimpered as I stared out the window, pretending not to notice his hot gaze. My nipples pressed up against the thin white fabric and my mind raced.

            “You know, I had hoped to see you again.” The man said.


He nodded. “I wanted to reach out after you graduated, though I felt it was a bit inappropriate.”

            I smirked turning my body towards him, “Why would it be inappropriate?”

He chuckled softly, “Well I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.”

My smirk widened, “I wish you had reached out…” As I spoke I leaned forward, resting my hand on his upper thigh.

            The man inhaled sharply as I rubbed his leg. Now his face was turning red, even under his stubbly beard, I could see the blush.

“I’m not your student anymore, so I don’t see any problem with you… Reaching out.”

I winked, causing the blush on his cheeks to intensify.

            I had no idea what was coming over me. I was a virgin college freshman, and he was a man more than twice my age. Though the idea that little old me could make this man shudder and blush was amazing.

I knew he wasn’t just some dumb, horny college kid—his lust was genuine and pure—and I shared the same feeling.

            My hand squeezed his thigh as I leaned over, my body moving as if on its own. My delicate hand reached over his growing bulge as I squeezed it playfully.

Mr Oaks groaned, his cock throbbing overtop his pants.

            His eyes glanced over, “Well in that case. How about I come inside, and we can… Catch up?”

I nodded, pure lust in my eyes as my hand played with his bulge. I could see his heart pounding underneath his gray shirt, he was filled with lust.

            His hand fell on my bare thigh, causing a shiver to shoot up my spine as his rugged hand grazed my soft skin.

He squeezed gently as his hand slipped underneath the frill of my skirt, his fingers inches from my wet pussy.

            Before long we made it to my house, I lived in the basement suite by myself which meant for absolute privacy.

By the time he turned off the engine, Mr Oaks' cock was hard as diamonds—begging to be let free.

            I leapt out of the car grabbing my shoes and rushing for the door with Mr Oaks nipping at my heels.

The man held my waist as I fumbled my keys into the keyhole, my heart was pounding like a war drum as I struggled to think.

            His hands dug into my waist, his hard bulge pressing into my ass as he inhaled my vanilla perfume.

As soon as the door opened, I barged my shoulder into it and pulled the older man inside. His hand interlocked with mine as I tugged him into the living room. The smile on my face lit up the room as he chuckled, “Eager, aren’t we?”

            He had no idea. I spent too long as a virgin, pushing aside college boy after college boy. I needed him.

“I bet a slut like you has gone through a few boys at your little college parties.” He said his hands slipping up underneath my shirt as he played with my waist.

            I pressed my lips together as my hands rode up his chest, “Well… Actually, I’m still a virgin.”

The man was taken aback, “is that so? I’m going to be your first?”

            I nodded sheepishly, afraid that a man like him wouldn’t be interested in a virgin.

Instead, Mr Oaks grinned from ear to ear, “Good. I love teaching girls how to please.”


He nodded, “I do. No get on your knees and get ready for your first lesson.”

            I giggled, “You’re gonna teach me just like the good old days.”

            “Yes, though I think we are both going to enjoy these lessons much more.”

I did just as he said. I fell to my knees in front of him. My hands ran up and down his thigh, as his bulge pressed inches from my face.

“Take my cock out, slut.”

            “Y-yes, sir.”

My fingers curled underneath the waistband of his gray pants. My breath quivered as the wetness spilled out past my panties. With a final deep breath, I tugged the sweatpants down to his heels.

His cock pressed up against his boxers, I could make out the outline perfectly as the fabric of his boxers was on the verge of tearing.

“W-woah…” My hand groped his bulge as he moaned.

            I grabbed the boxers and pulled those down as well. Mr Oaks’ cock sprung out like a doorstop, flailing in front of my face.

My jaw dropped. His cock was huge. At least 9 inches, and thick as my wrist. My hand reached out, instinctively grabbing the shaft and stroking up and down.

            I could feel his manhood throbbing in my delicate grip, the tip of his manhood was moist with precum as his veins bulged against his shaft. A nicely kept bundle of pubes engrossed his pelvis and balls.

My mouth watered as I jerked him, my hand barely able to wrap around his shaft as I leaned forward.

“Your first lesson is how to suck a man off. Open up, slut.”

            Once again, I did exactly as he said, brushing my black hairs behind my ear, I tilted my head back and opened my mouth. My wet tongue draped out as I panted like a dog.

“Good slut, now take it.”

            Mr Oaks held the base of his cock between his fingers as he used my tongue as a ramp. His shaft slid along my tongue into my panting wet mouth. The salty precum made me quiver, and each warm breath made his cock twitch as he pushed it all the way in.

I stifled a gag as the head hit the back of my throat, my lips closed around his shaft as my tongue lashed against his throbbing manhood.

“Ohh fuck, good slut, just like that.” He moaned, grabbing my soft black hair.

            I whimpered. His cock filled my mouth as his hard head pressed bruised the back of my throat.

“There is still a bit of cock left, your next lesson is on how to deepthroat.” The man smirked, curling his fist around my hair.

Tears filled my eyes as I stifled another gag, barely able to breathe, I dug my nails into his meaty thigh.

“Relax your throat, and tilt your head back…” He moaned.

            I whimpered but listened to his orders. Rising on my knees, my head tilted back just enough to allow the last inch of his cock to thrust down my throat.

I gagged again, squirming on my knees as saliva dribbled down my throat.

“Ohhh fuck. Good slut.” Mr Oak groaned.

            My lips gripped the base of his cock as my nose scrunched up against his hairy pelvis. His manly scent fill my nostrils as my mind raced. Grool oozed down my leg and saliva ran down my throat—ruining my white shirt.

            Mr Oaks pressed down on the back of my head, groaning wildly as his cock throbbed in my mouth. My jaw felt like it was going to unhinge, and saliva coated my chin as I gagged on his hard manhood. Even still, my heart was pounding and my clit was quivering. My tear-filled eyes fluttered open as I glanced up at him, flashing the man a devious wink as he held me down on his pelvis.

            Finally, Mr Oaks let go of the back of my head, allowing me to toss my head free and gasp for air.

            “Ohh fuck!” I cried out, panting as I spat up the build-up of saliva in my cheeks.

I wiped the filth from my chin as loose tears streaked down my cheek, pulling my black mascara down with it. “Holy fuck, you’re so big…”

My mind raced, I hardly ever even used my fingers to pleasure myself, the mere thought of Mr Oak’s huge cock inside my tiny slit pussy seemed unthinkable. I had no idea how I could fit hit, but I knew I wanted to try.

            I reached up, my hand furiously stroking his filthy wet cock as saliva dripped onto me like dirty rain.

His cock throbbed in my hand as I jerked him off, the salty taste of his pre-cum still coated my tongue as my pussy lips gnawed at the fabric of my panties.

            “Ready for your next lesson?” The man asked with a dirty chuckle.

I nodded, “Yes, daddy!”

            “Good girl, now take me to your bedroom.”

I leapt onto my feet, stumbling as a trail of grool ran down my inner thigh. My shoulder barged into the bedroom door as it swung open. My room was a mess—clothes and underwear littered the floor, but the man didn’t care one bit.

            Mr Oaks grabbed me by the hips and effortlessly tossed me onto my mattress.

A pair of old panties bounced off onto the floor as I laid back, my hands groping my tits as the grizzled man joined me.

“Take your clothes off.” He commanded, tugging his own grey shirt off his body.

            I did as he said, stripping myself of my saliva and sweat-covered shirt. My perky tits bounced free, and my nipples were already hard as diamonds.

My eyes were fixated on his manly, hairy chest. Mr Oaks was a real man, unlike those silly college boys were always pursued me.

 My fingers slipped down underneath the waistband of my skirt, but before I could pull them down my legs, Mr Oaks reached over, digging his hands into my waist and flipping me over onto my stomach.

I huffed as I landed on my stomach, Mr Oaks crawled over me, his cock slapping against my thighs as he kissed the back of my neck.

“Ohh yes, fuck yes daddy!” I cried out, my mind melting into a haze of euphoria.

“Fuck me, daddy. Please!”

            The man laughed. One hand held my face into the pillow, and his other hand wrapped around my waist, pulling my ass up into the air.

My buttocks peered out underneath the frill of my skirt as I arched my back. By now, the dirty string of my panties was buried inside my ass and pussy lips.

            I whimpered into my pillow as stray black hairs stuck to my filth face. My mind was buzzing and my body was begging to be filled by the man.

“Mmmh, such a cute little ass.” Mr Oaks said.

            The man reeled back, planting an open handed slap on my firm ass.
“OHHH!” I cried out, squirming like a fish out of water—though his hand on my head kept me down.

            “The little slut is going to shut up and take daddy’s slaps.” He sneered.

            “Y-yes, daddy…”

He reeled back, planting an even more brutal slap on my same cheek. I bit my lips, allowing only a strong exhale to escape as my feet kicked in the air.

            “Good slut, I think you deserve daddy’s cock.”

            “Th-thank you, daddy.”

I spread my knees and arched my back to the point that my spine might snap. The frill of my skirt rode up around my waist.

            Mr Oaks positioned himself behind me, his hands pulling apart my ass as his cock slapped between my thighs.

“Nice and tight. You’ll enjoy this, slut.”

            He fished out the dirty string of my panties, holding them to the side as the warm air hit my two panting holes.

I whimpered, feeling my clit throb as I glanced back over my shoulder. “P-put it in me, please daddy…”

            The man smirked, spreading my cheeks as he pushed his cock forward.


My breath stuttered. The man’s huge cock pushed inside my virgin pussy, stretching my lips to the point of tearing. My teeth grit as the pain rushed in my head, even with how wet I was, his cock was so big that my innocent slit could barely take it.

            He grunted, his cock forging deeper into my slit than anything ever had. The pink walls of my slit gripped the cock, suffocating it as he pressed it forward.

I whimpered, baring the pain as the his cock shoved in one inch at a time.

            “So fucking tight!” Mr Oak’s groaned, he pushing his pelvis forward, and sliding his cock further inside my panting slit.

My jaw dropped as I quivered on the sheets. My mind blanked as all I could focus on was the man’s thick shaft pushing deeper inside me.

            He was so big, but I was wet enough for all the pain to subside into pure pleasure.

My lips grinned and my body convulsed as his wet shaft pushed deeper and deeper.

The pink walls of my pussy gripped his shaft like a glove as our hot and eager moans filled the air.

            “Good slut. Take it, baby!” Mr Oaks groaned, his hands digging into my ass.

            “O-ohhh fuck. Right there, thank you daddy…” I whimpered. My lungs refused to take in any air, leaving me shallow panting like a dog in heat.

My toes curled as the last inch of his cock shoved all the way inside me. “Oh!” I cried out, the lips of my puffy pussy gripped the base of his slick cock as I felt it throb inside me.

            Each throb and twitch of his cock sent shockwaves up my spine as he held himself inside me.

“Ohh fuck. So tight, what an amazing pussy you have. Even better than I imagined.”

            I giggled, “Imagined my pussy a lot, have you?”

Mr Oaks reached up, grabbing my hair and yanking my face off the pillow. “You have no idea.” He whispered as he curled my long hair around his fist.

            I gasped as he pulled his cock out an inch, allowing a bit more air to fill my lungs—but not for long.

Mr Oaks shoved his cock back inside me, the slap of his pelvis against my sore ass echoed in the room.
“OH!” I yelped, feeling his cock push in again.

            He didn’t relent. Mr Oaks began to thrust like a jackhammer, his cock shoving in and out of my slit furiously. My tits bounced as his pelvis slapped against my ass, my entire body went rigid to take the force of his cock.

He yanked my hair like the reins of a horse as my jaw dropped. “OH! OH! OH! OH! YESSSS!” I cried like an animal, my mind unable to form a single thought as only pure pleasure coursed through my veins. “YES DADDY! MAKE ME YOURS!”

            “You want my cum, slut? You want to belong to daddy?” He sneered, yanking my head back.

I could barely breathe, let alone talk as his cock throbbed wildly deep inside me.

The man smirked, “Good.”

            He pulled his cock back out, unplugging the river of grool. I gasped for air as the pressure relieved, but before I could beg for his cream—Mr Oaks flipped me onto my back.

The bed shook beneath me as he grabbed my legs and held them straight in the air.

            The older man laid ontop of me, his cock effortlessly sliding back into my pussy where it belonged.

My legs locked around his pelvis, and my nails clawed at his back as his body stuck against mine.

            Our lips connected as he kissed furiously. Our tongues wrestled with saliva dripping out as his cock throbbed inside me.

I could feel he wasn’t going to last much longer, and I needed him to breed me.

I wasn’t prepared for this. Since I was a virgin, I wasn’t on birth control, and I was so horny for Mr Oaks that the thought of a condom didn’t even cross my mind.

            I knew I needed his seed inside me. A grin crossed my lips as I felt his cock throb inside my slit. I was a college freshman, a great student with a bright future, and here I was risking it all. The riskiness of the situation made my heart flutter, this was nothing like the good and responsible girl that I normally was. And I loved the risk.

            My ankles locked around his waist, and my hands around his back. “C-cum in me, cum in your little slut.” I whispered, before sucking tenderly on his tongue.

            The man groaned, his body shook for a moment before going stiff.

With that, I felt an eruption of wetness filling my panting slit.

            I moaned as the hot seed coated my insides.

Mr Oaks panted, holding himself inside me as the last of his cum dripped out of his shaft.

            Finally, he rolled off me, his cock unplugging my slit, letting all the cum and grool ooze out. With each breath, more filth trickled out of my pussy.

We both laid on the filthy sheets, panting for breath. “H-holy fuck…” I whispered, my hands reaching down to satiate my clit—which was now covered in sticky filth.       

            Mr Oaks laughed. “How was your first time with a man?”

            “Amazing…” My mind was still reeling. I glanced over to him. “I need more.”

The smile was stapled to my lips. The feeling of his cock was unmatched to anything I had ever felt before. I was addicted.

            “That can be arranged. You belong to daddy now, remember?”

I nodded, “Yes daddy. Thank you.”







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