Short Erotic Story: Mile High Club
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Mile High Club

on Oct 04, 2023

“Oh, this is my seat,” the young, timid girl said.

         The woman looked up, eyes widening in alarm, before she rose silently to stand in the plane’s aisle. The younger girl brushed past her, nodding her head and muttering an appreciative thanks before sitting down near the window. The older lady sat down quickly after her, their legs brushing as they adjusted themselves in the plane.

         “Ever been to Boise?” the older woman asked, her voice deep and soothing. She had long black hair that flowed to just above her hips, curled to her side. Her face was all hard angles, a visage of someone remarkably beautiful, the type of woman to turn your head. She wore designer pants and a jacket, dark eyes lazily inspecting the younger woman that sat beside her.

         The younger woman paused for a second before immediately blushing. She wasn’t sure at first if the woman was talking to her–but once they made eye contact, she stuttered as she tried to speak.

         “O-oh yea, I go to college there,” she said quietly.

         “Oh? What do you study?”

         The younger woman shifted, not used to strangers being so interested in her. But, after giving the older woman a quick look-over, she seemed trustworthy and oddly kind despite her outward appearance. There was a warmth behind her eyes, a veiled interest.

         “Environmental conservation. I work with animals, specifically.”

         The older woman’s eyes brightened and her eyebrows raised, her full lips parting with an enchanting smile. The younger woman blinked twice, unable to look away from such a beautiful woman.

         “That’s extraordinary. I’m Clare,” she said, offering a hand.


         Their hands met in a quick but firm handshake. Clare’s hands were strong yet soft, veins tracing up her hands, disappearing under the cuff of her jacket. Sofia swallowed thickly, giving the woman a timid smile.

         “And you?” Sofia asked.

         “Me?” Clare laughed softly. “I’m just an old woman.”

         Sofia frowned, shaking her head. “That’s not true,” and before she could stop herself, “you’re beautiful.”

         Something dark lurked behind Clare’s eyes and her lips twitched with something akin to amusement.

         “Oh, you flatter me, Sofia,” she purred.

         By now, all of the passengers were seated, the plane taxied to the runway and nearly ready to take off. The intercom dial hissed as the airplane’s flight attendants murmured over the speaker:

         “Prepare for departure.”

         Clare turned, resting her head against the headrest and loosing a deep sigh. Sofia turned to the window, looking out at the overcast day as the plane launched into the sky. During the first hour of the flight, Clare didn’t move, her eyes closed and chest rising with soft breaths. Sofia darted glances here and there, before finally simply staring at Clare. Sofia analyzed her face, her eyes drinking in her full lips, before starting downwards, to the small bit of cleavage–

         Sofia hissed, turning to the side with a glare.

         No, she told herself. Don’t get distracted.

         With a furitive sigh, she pulled out a small blanket from her carry-on bag, draping it on herself as darkness swam before her eyes, eventually succumbing to a twitchy, half-conscious sleep.

         Clare awoke sometime later, her eyes darting to Sofia, landing on her resting form. The timid girl was beautiful, short dark hair that was cut near her shoulders, with big, golden glasses that highlighted her cute face.

         “Adorable,” Clare murmured, her legs brushing against the other woman’s. If she could, she might kiss her right then and there–

         Clare’s eyes fell on the blanket that was over Sofia’s body. It was a large blanket, bunched up so that it didn’t fall on Clare’s side–but she didn’t mind the contact. Grabbing the other side of the blanket, she pulled the extra fabric over herself, trapping both her and Sofia’s warm bodies under the blanket.

         Clare bit her lip. A part of her knew that this was wrong, but maybe that was what excited her so much. Her fingers made contact with Sofia’s skin, and Clare watched her face intently. Any sign of her waking, and Clare would snatch her fingers away, perhaps making a dash to the restroom to play it off.

         But until then…

Vibrator Collection. Rabbit Vibrator, Clitoral Suction, G-Spot Vibrator, Wand Massager. We have them all.

         Clare’s fingers slipped past Sofia’s loose shorts. Her fingers caught on smooth skin and then…

         A thong?

         Clare nearly groaned. Her fingers quickly parted the thong, making way for–

         Her pussy was soft, warm, and surprisingly wet. The sensation caused Clare’s eyebrows to knit together. Why would she be wet? Then the conversation they had before came into focus. Did Sofia like her? Did she think she was sexy?

         All the while, Clare’s long fingers explored the younger woman’s cunt, spreading her lips and running up and down her slickness. Her ring finger lazily flicked her clit, loving the way each flick oozed out new slick from Sofia’s pussy. She was so wet and Clare hadn’t even entered her yet.

         Sofia shifted slightly, mumbling something that sounded like she was heavily asleep. The shift allowed her thighs to part further, and the blanket slid off from around her shoulders, pooling near her stomach. The shift exposed her tight green shirt, her nipples beading against it, full signs of her arousal.

         “Shit,” Clare hissed, giving a tentative smile to one of the flight attendants who walked passed. She didn’t see.

         Clare’s fingers were drenched in Sofia’s slick, and without skipping a beat, Clare pushed one finger into Sofia’s cunt. The first thing she became aware of was how tight her cunt was, followed by how hard her walls clamped down on her long, thick finger.

         Such a good girl, Clare thought. She curled her finger, rubbing it along Sofia’s walls. She didn’t hesitate to add a second finger, curling them both and rubbing Sofia’s pussy as she finger-fucked her, gently rocking her digits back and forth.

         “Mhm,” Sofia mumbled, making a noise half between a moan and incoherent garble. But she was fully awake. Her body was on fire, and with each thrust of Clare’s fingers, she had to mumble incoherent words to convince the woman that she wasn’t awake, and to prevent herself from moaning. But there was only so much she could take–and when Clare’s thumb rubbed her clit in circles, a soft moan escaped her.

         Clare paused, peering at Sofia’s peaceful face. But then Sofia’s hips moved while Clare’s fingers were still in her, and the older woman groaned. She forced herself to look straight as her fingers found a new pace, thrusting in and out of Sofia’s hips at a fast enough pace that anyone who was looking closely would see the shape of her hand bulging under the blanket–but nobody was looking that closely, or listening either, as Sofia’s soft moans were growing louder and louder.

         Gotta make her cum soon or the whole plane will know, Clare thought.

         With a vengeance, her wrist remained sturdy as her fingers were wholly enveloped by Sofia’s greedy pussy, her thick digits filling her up and getting her closer and closer to orgasm. When the pressure began growing too great to ignore, Sofia’s eyes flew open and she gasped. Clare turned to her, a dark, sadistic look in her eyes as she pinched Sofia’s clit.

         Sofia’s mouth opened as her eyes began watering, and before she could, Clare slapped a hand over her mouth as Sofia came, her cunt clenching sporadically around her digits, her slick oozing past her fingers and drenching her panties (and likely her shorts as well).

         Clare pulled her fingers out of her cunt, out of her shorts, and towards her mouth. She licked her digits clean, enjoying the way that the younger woman was panting next to her, sweat dripping down her back as she was brought to one of her most intense orgasms in a plane.

         Sofia flinched at the unexpected hand of Clare that parted her legs and dipped under her shorts, lightly brushing against her cunt again.

         “More?” Sofia whimpered quietly.

         “Do you want more?” Clare breathed into her ear, the two leaning against each other now.


         “Say it,” Clare cooed.

         “I want more.”

         Sofia thought that had been her strongest orgasm yet.

         She was proved wrong again, again, and again on that flight. By the time they landed, her legs were shaking and she was sure she reeked of sex. Clare looked as calm and collected as ever, her face impassive and indifferent to anyone looking.

         “Let’s go,” Clare said when it was their turn to stand, helping Sofia stand and lending her an arm to quell the girl’s shaking legs.

         Clare helped Sofia around the airport, grabbing her luggage and even walking her to her taxi. The taxi man exited the cab, helping haul Sofia’s luggage into the back. Sofia turned to Clare, not quite sure what to say.

         “Your phone,” Clare said with an outstretched hand.

         Sofia paused.


         Clare smiled at her.

         “I want to put my number in.”

         Sofia handed her the phone. Moments later, her number was inserted into her phone, with a note under it that mentioned ‘airplane’ and ‘orgasm’ and ‘sexy lady.’

         “I’ll see you sometime,” Clare said. It wasn’t speculative; it was definitive. They were going to meet again. They were likely going to fuck again. The thought made Sofia’s knees weak.

         “O-okay,” Sofia said shakily.

         Clare leaned forward, her lips placing a quick and chaste kiss on Sofia’s cheek. Then she was gone, her coat trailing behind her as she walked to an unmarked, heavily tinted luxury car.

         “What have I gotten myself into?” Sofia grumbled.


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