Erotic Story: My Roommates Dirty Secret Erotic Story
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My Roommates Dirty Secret

on Jul 27, 2023

            I creaked the door open, my heart pounding as I peered into Emily’s room. Her bedroom was as clean as ever, her pink sheets made and her clothes neatly tucked away. The sunlight basked through the open blinds, causing the entire room to shine with an ethereal light.

            She was only going to be gone for an hour at most—I had to be quick.

Emily was my longtime friend and brand new roommate. I had always had a bit of a crush on her, but having lived with her for a month now caused those feelings to bubble up like a volcano.

            I knew that Emily didn’t feel the same way about me. How could she? The girl was a 5’5, gorgeous blonde, with a stunning body. She was the lead cheerleader for our college, and every boy fell head over heels for her.

Just getting to watch her get out of the shower in just a towel, or nap on the couch in her booty shorts and bra was enough for me—I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

            Last night, Emily came back from a date, one with the starting quarterback of the football team. The two of them always flirted, and Emily had expressed to me that she liked him—I tried to be supportive, but just thinking about them together made my stomach sick.

When they came back from their date last night and slipped into her bedroom—I couldn’t help but put my ear to our shared wall.
            Our apartment was cheap and rundown, and the walls were paper thin. Thin enough for me to hear the two of them fucking. Emily’s moans and whimpers still caused my heart to pound, and my cock was rock hard as I heard her moaning and begging for his cum.

I shook my head, creeping into her room. Though I was alone in the apartment, a part of me was still afraid of being caught—Emily was at the gym, and she always left and came back at the same time, but that didn’t stop my heart from pounding like a drum.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.

“Jackpot!” I whispered under my breath.

Emily’s dirty laundry basket peered out from inside her closet—and draping out the basket was a pair of lacy black panties.

My heart skipped a beat as I knelt on the ground and grabbed the panties, soft as silk and still warm to the touch.

            These were the pair that she wore on her date last night, I saw the waistband peering out under her jeans as she left.

My mouth watered as I rubbed the delicate fabric between my trembling fingers, my eyes locked onto a wet, white spot on the inner crotch of the panties, and a gasp escaped my lips.

            Emily’s pussy left a tasty white stain right on the inner fabric.

Just imagining the panties riding up her ass and hugging her tight pussy made my cock press up against my shorts.

I held the warm lacy panties up to my face, inhaling deeply as my eyes rolled back into my eyes.

            Emily’s soft scent filled my lungs. She smelled as amazing as I had imagined—her grool was flowery, and I couldn’t help but have a taste. My tongue draped out, gently licking the wet spot where her pussy would rest. A shiver shot up my spine as her wetness coated my tongue. The sweet taste of honey covered my tastebuds and my mind erupted with pleasure.

            “Ohhh fuck.” I moaned, lashing my tongue against her wetness, my other hand groping the bulge in my pants.

My eyes fluttered open as Emily’s taste and scent filled my head. Her salty sweat and sweet grool made my mouth water, and I couldn’t help but put the fabric into my mouth, sucking deeply.

            I noticed something else in the back of her closet. A small, discrete jewelry box, just tucked away into the corner.

I had already mustered the courage to sneak into her room and play with her panties. Might as well see what other secrets Emily has.

            My trembling hand reached out and grabbed the box. Slowly, I opened it up.

When I looked inside, my jaw dropped—causing the dirty panties to flutter onto my lap.

Inside the box, were sex toys.

            I knew Emily was a bit of a slut, but this was something else.

While there were only a few, these sex toys were rather dirty. Anal beads, nipple clamps, and fuzzy handcuffs were tucked inside, and right at the bottom was a vibrator. It was small and discrete, one that could nestle between your legs and stay in while walking. The thought of Emily using it and pleasuring herself while walking around our shared apartment—with me sitting next to her unaware made my cock nearly erupt with cum right then and there.

            I couldn’t resist it any longer. My cock was on the verge of tearing right through my shorts. All the blood in my brain drained into my throbbing cock, turning my thoughts into smoke and shoving the fear of getting caught away.

            I grabbed the panties and vibrator and jumped into Emily’s bed. The soft sheets still smelled like her. Her lavender shampoo aroma filled my head as I leaned back into her pillow. Just the thought of her being fucked like a dog right where I was laying made my entire body quiver with excitement. She must have been fucked dozens of times over the course of the few months we lived together. I made sure to listen in whenever I could.

            Placing the panties and vibrator next to my head, I pulled down my shorts, kicking them off onto the floor and spreading my legs. My big cock pointed straight up into the air, before falling back onto my stomach. The tip was wet with pre-cum, and it twitched wildly.

            I couldn’t help but take a whiff of her vibrator. She must have used it recently because the same scent of her grool that lingered on her panties was on the delicate shaft of her vibrator—except much more potent.

Her sweet, flowery wetness covered the shaft. She must have used it last night, perhaps while fucking that quarterback. Dirty images rushed through my head of the fun that the two of them must have had. While I was jealous, having found her toy and panties was more than I could have hoped for.

            My tongue licked up and down her pretty little vibrator, imagining it thrusting in and out of her tight little pussy. A few weeks ago, Emily had bent over in her towel to grab her hairdryer, causing her towel to lift up just enough to flash the lips of her puffy little pussy.

I couldn’t remove the image of her tight little lips from my mind—though I wouldn’t want to.

            My cock throbbed as I sucked the tip of her vibrator, my mouth filling with the familiar taste of her wetness.

Grabbing her panties, I wrapped them around my cock. The fabric was soft as clouds as I gripped my shaft with them.

            “Ohh fuck. Emily, take it, you little slut.” I moaned. My toes curled as I pleasured myself with her lingerie, her vibrator slowly thrusting in and out of my mouth as I sucked every remnant of her wetness. How I wish I could be licking her grool directly, but this would have to do.

            I spread out on her soft sheets, her vibrator in my mouth and her panties wrapped around my throbbing cock. It was pure bliss.

I had wanted to do this for so long—but never could muster up the courage to sneak into Emily’s room. It wasn’t until I heard her moaning and begging to be filled last night, that I decided to take the plunge—and fuck, was I happy I did.

            Pulling the vibrator out of my mouth, the taste of her sweet grool lingered on my tongue. The sunlight made her toy glisten. It looked so enticing, I couldn’t stop imagining it nestled inside her soft, pink pussy.

Her moans still echoed in my head as I pulled the vibrator down my body towards my cock.

            I rubbed the soft silicone toy against my shaft, and a dribble of pre-cum ran down and moistened the tip.

A dirty grin crossed my lips. Emily was such a little slut. Surely she’s used this toy in her ass before? It must feel incredible.

            I lifted my knees, planting my feet on the sheets to expose my tight asshole.

With the toy still dripping with spit, I pressed the head against my puckering ass, just beneath my balls.

“Ohh fuck.” I moaned, pushing the toy inside me. It fit like a glove. My tight ass spread easily for the wet toy. My teeth grit and my cock twitched as I felt the hard, wet toy inch inside my virgin ass.

            “Oh oh oh!” I gasped, my eyes rolling back as I squirmed on Emily’s bed. No wonder the little slut was always so loud. This felt amazing.

The walls of my ass gripped the toy as I pushed it all the way down to the base.

            It felt euphoric. My cock was throbbing, begging to release my load—and I couldn’t wait a second longer.

My hand grabbed her panties, wrapping them around the shaft as I jerked off furiously, feeling my ass clench Emily’s vibrator. “OHHH YES!” I cried out. My mind was buzzing with pleasure and my balls tightened—I couldn’t last a second longer. My lips still tasted of Emily’s sweet nectar, and my asshole hugged the toy as I felt the volcano of euphoria erupt inside me.

            “OH FUCK! E-EMILY!” I cried out! My mind erupted, as did my cock.

Thick, hot strands of cum shot out like a geyser, almost touching the ceiling before falling back on me.

The cum lathered my pelvis and stomach, shooting ropes and drenching Emily’s used panties—which still hugged around my shaft.

I gasped for air as I fell back from my euphoric high covered in cum.

            “Wh-what?” A voice called out.

My eyes widened as I looked up at the doorway, my heart stopped as Emily stood in her gym clothes. Her bag slipped off her shoulder onto the floor.

Her light blue eyes were wide, and her jaw dropped as she stared at me, covered in cum with her panties on my cock and her vibrator in my ass.

            There was no talking my way out of this one.


Part II will come soon.. stay tuned... 


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