Erotic Story: My Roommates Dirty Secret Part II
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My Roommates Dirty Secret Part II

on Nov 09, 2023

            I stared at Emily like a deer in headlights. My mind was racing with a million thoughts, but I couldn’t focus on a single one of them. She stared at me, her panties around my cock, covered in cum, and her vibrator shoved up my ass.

What thoughts were running through her head, I had no idea.

            “J-Jake…? What the fuck is going on?” She asked, her perky nipples poking out of her sports bra.

            “E-Emily… I can explain.” I muttered. In truth, there was no explanation for this.

Her lips pursed into a straight line, her eyes betrayed no emotion as she stared at me stone-faced. “You know what… I don’t want to know. I’m going to go shower. When I come out, this, whatever it is, didn’t happen.”

            Before I could respond, she picked up her gym bag and made her way to the bathroom. The door slammed shut. Leaving me covered in my filthy mess.

My mind was racing. I had just ruined my relationship with my childhood friend. I felt sick to my stomach, the waves of shame and disgust slamming me like a tidal wave.

            I pulled the vibrator out of my ass and used her ruined panties to wipe my stomach. My mind raced as I tried to clean up the best I could. My stomach churned as I wiped the cum off her sheets and scampered back to my room with her dirty panties and vibrator.

            Emily, as she had said, never mentioned it again. I stayed in my room mostly for the next week—too ashamed to hang out in the living room or even face her for long.

While she was out, I had made a point of cleaning her sheets, her panties, and her vibrator and returning them sparkling new right where I found them.

            Though I had felt as though I had ruined our relationship, after about a week, Emily invited me to dinner. Reluctantly, I agreed, though I was sweating up a storm the entire time. To my surprise, she acted like nothing had ever happened. It didn’t take long for us to start joking and laughing again like old times.

            I returned home the happiest I had ever been. She could have ruined my life, and instead, Emily had given me another chance. I was determined not to ruin this second chance. I would never return back to her room, ever.

            Though… Emily didn’t stop bringing boys back home. As much as I wanted not to, I couldn’t help myself from pressing my ear up against our shared wall.

It was a silent night outside. I could hear Emily and her lucky suitor laughing and chatting on their bed. Though the words of the conversation were difficult to make out, I heard her hot moans clear as day.

            “Ohh fuck! Yes, Kyle, fuck me!” She cried out, her voice barely muffled by the thin wall. “Like that? Like my tight little pussy?”

The sound of his hand slapping her round ass echoed, causing my hard cock to bounce. I pushed my head against the wall.

            “Take it, slut.” I whispered, gritting my teeth. Closing my eyes, I imagined myself inside her, with my cock being the one to make her moan.

            “Ohhh fuck! I’m cumming!” Emily cried out, not even trying to keep her voice down.

I groaned, my body going rigid as my cock erupted with thick cum.

Panting, I returned to bed; her moans echoing in my head as I drifted to sleep.

 Vibrator Collection. Rabbit Vibrator, Clitoral Suction, G-Spot Vibrator, Wand Massager. We have them all.

            I spent most of the next day in my room playing video games, but I couldn’t keep Emily out of my mind. I still had the taste of her pussy on my tongue, and the echoes of her moans ringing in my ears.

            I knew I shouldn’t, but a part of me wanted to sneak back in and grab her moist panties. Her scent was intoxicating, and I was addicted.

A knock on my door snapped me back to reality.

            “Hey, Jake?” Emily’s voice called out from the other side of the door.

I stood, slipping my boner into my waistband to hide it.

Cracking the door open, I peered out. “Oh, hey.”

            “Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to watch a movie. It’s been a while since we’ve hung out.” She said with a bubbly smile.

My face filled with blush. While I was head over heels with her, she was still my friend, and I missed hanging out with her.

            “Sure… Want to put something on? I’ll be right out.” I replied.

Emily nodded her head happily, spinning on her heels back to the living room. Her blonde hair wavered with each step, and her round ass ate up her pink booty shorts. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them until she turned the corner.

“Fuck…” I whispered under my breath. I had to act natural. Emily had blessed me with a second chance after catching me in her room, and I wasn’t about to blow it.

            I waited until my boner died down, shaking all the dirty thoughts out of my mind.

Emily was already on the couch, the opening credits of her chosen movie playing.

            “Hurry! You’re gonna miss the start!” She said, patting the seat next to her.

I took the seat beside her, Emily had her feet up on the edge of the cushion, her bare toes curling on the couch seat as she leaned back.

            As I glanced over to her, my cheeks filled with red furious blush. Emily was wearing a spaghetti-strapped top, one with the sides wide open.

Her perky, round tits were completely visible from the side. My eyes widened, fixated on her hard pink nipples.

The fabric of her sideless tank top fluttered, and I had the perfect view of her delicious tit.

Her nipple was just as amazing as I imagined. A soft pink areola gave way to her gum drop nipple. My mouth watered just staring at him.

The television moved onto the opening scene, drawing my attention back down to earth. I stared at the TV, sweat dripping from my brow as I tried not to glance back at her chest.

            Our couch was cramped, meaning her knees pressed up against my thighs as she sat cross-legged on the cushion.

Though I stared straight ahead, my mind was fixated on her nipple. That image along with the scent of her panties filled my head once again, I couldn’t keep my cock down. My boner came back alive, bigger and harder than ever.

            I pressed down on my crotch as I squirmed uncomfortably on the seat—to no avail. My cock rose like a phoenix, bigger and harder than ever.

Looking over, a blanket was neatly folded on the arm of the chair. I grabbed it and pressed it over my lap, attempting to smoother my manhood.

            Emily glanced over, her eyes falling on my lap. The blanket did a good enough job. The girl glanced back toward the TV without a word.

My face was flushed with blush. The soft scent of her lavender shampoo and body wash drifted into my nose, causing my entire body to shiver. I’ve always been a bit shy around Emily, but this was another level.

            The movie played as we sat in silence, but I couldn’t recall a single thing about the plot. Though my face pointed forward, my eyes drifted to the side—desperate to steal another glance at her side tit.

            My pupils locked onto her nipple, still hard and eager. Her tits looked perfect, like subtle hills on her fit and slender body. My cock throbbed as I imagined her soft tits wrapped around my shaft.

            In an instant, Emily looked towards me. My eyes darted forward, trembling as I tried to act inconspicuously.

Fuck… Did she catch me staring? After my second chance, I couldn’t risk anything else. Yet still, her body was addictive. I couldn’t get enough.

            Emily giggled. “Oh, Jake. You don’t think I haven’t noticed, have you?”

            “Wh-what?” I stuttered. My face was red and I was covered in sweat, but I had to try to act clueless.

            “You’ve been staring at my tits.” She said bluntly. “It’s pretty obvious.”

My heart skipped a beat. “Wh-what? No, I haven’t…”

It was over. I was done for. My only real friendship was shattered.

            “Oh, haven’t you?” She said.

Emily paused the movie, sitting up and turning to face me. Before I could react, she reached over and yanked the blanket off my lap.

“Hey!” I yelped, but it was too late. With the blanket off, there was nothing hiding my throbbing cock.

            My manhood caused the front of my pants to lift up like a tent. Nearly tearing at the seams. My hands scrambled to cover my lap, but the damage was done.

Her soft pale cheeks turned rose pink as she stared at my bulge.

I sat there frozen like a deer in headlights—ready for her to explode on me.

Instead, the corners of her soft lips curled upwards. “Oh my…”

            My breath whimpered, and my eyebrows furrowed.

Emily glanced up at me, her icy blue eyes making my heart race. “Well? Take it out.”

            “E-excuse me?” I stuttered, my brain barely able to comprehend what was going on.

            “Take your cock out. Let me see it. I barely got a good look at it the other day.” She said, leaning back against the armrest of our couch.

My body stayed frozen, even though my mind was racing.

“Well? Take your cock out. I want to get a good look…” she said, her grin growing. “My panties blocked the view last time.”

            “O-okay…” I muttered. My fingers slipped under my waistband as I squirmed on the seat. I had no idea what she was doing, or why she wanted to see my cock. But at this point, I’d do whatever she wanted.

            My pants fell down my legs to my feet. My cock was rock hard, flopping back against my stomach. My fingers held it up by the base—pointing it straight up in the arm. The pink tip was already glistening with pre-cum, and the veins on my shaft throbbed. “W-well?”

            Emily didn’t say anything. Her eyes fluttered as she stared at my shaft. She bit her lips and the soft blush on her flawless cheeks accentuated.

Emily pressed her thighs together. Her legs stretched forward and rested on my lap.

            My heart was about to explode. Her calves rubbed against my thighs, inches from my cock as she looked at my manhood hungrily.

“Wh-what do you think?” I stammered, my cock throbbing.

Emily just laughed. Her toes curled as her nipples pressed up against the thin fabric of her top. “Start jerking off. I wanna see you play with yourself.”

            Her voice echoed in my head like a command that I couldn’t resist.

I nodded my head. How I got to this situation—I had no idea, but I wasn’t going to question it.

            My hand gripped the throbbing shaft. My balls were tight and full of cum.

I began to jerk off, my hand sliding up and down my hard cock as precum rolled down onto my fingers.

Emily moaned, watching my cock intently. Her toes curled as her legs rested on my lap. “Good boy. Just like that…” She bit her lip, her eyes glimmering with a dirty look. “Keep going.”

            She sat up, her hands grabbing the bottom of her shirt as she lifted it up just underneath her tits. Her stomach was flat and toned, and the years of cheerleading and gymnastics she put in were clear.

“Ready?” she asked, flashing me a wink.

            I nodded emphatically, gripping my cock hard as she pulled the top over her head. Her flowing blonde hair fell back perfectly as she pulled her top off. Her perky tits bounced free.

My jaw dropped. They were perfect. “Holy…Shit…” I muttered, staring at her soft, round mounds and her gumdrop nipples.

            Emily giggled, grabbing and groping her own chest. “Like what you see? I noticed you couldn’t keep your eyes off them.”

            I licked my lips, imagining sucking on her soft nipple. Her skin was flawlessly pale and looked amazing.

My cock throbbed as I continued to stroke it, my other hand rubbing her calf. Her soft skin made my heart skip a beat.

            I was so fixated on her tits that I didn’t notice the wet spot forming on the crotch of her booty shorts.

“Ahh fuck. Look what you made me do.” She said, spreading her legs. Right on her pussy, a wet spot of grool began to form.

My mouth watered as she arched her back, grabbing her shorts and tugging them down her legs.

            “Ohh fuck!” I moaned, staring longingly at her puffy mound. Her pussy was perfect. The lips were glistening with wetness, and her bald mound looked soft and delicious.

Emily laughed, “You look like you’re in love.”

            “I… I am… Holy fuck, that pussy is amazing.” I muttered.

I reached up, grabbing her dirty shorts and yanking them down and off her legs.

Emily laid back, completely naked, her body shining in the light as I stared her up and down. My mind was racing and my cock was about to explode. She was even more perfect than I imagined. Her pussy was tight and delicate, and her tits were round and perky.

Emily lifted one leg in the air and over my head, her calf rested on the back of my head as she spread her pussy with her fingers. “Well? Want a taste?” She said with a devious smirk.

My breath stuttered. “F-fuck… Really?”

She nodded. “It tastes even better than it looks.”

As her fingers spread her lips, the soft pinkess inside peered out. Grool ran down to her asshole, and her clit peered out from under its hood.

            My cock was about to erupt. I wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out, but I wouldn’t last a minute inside her soft slit.

Emily leaned back, one foot on the headrest of the couch, the other falling off my lap onto the floor. She was spread and eager, her nipples hard as rocks and her perfect body squirming on the cushion. “Well? Hurry up and eat my pussy.”

            I didn’t need to be told again. I scrambled onto my knees, one hand on my cock as the other one wrapped around her thigh.

I lowered my face, my breath trembling as I nuzzled into her pelvis.

            Her scent was intoxicating. Even stronger and sweeter than the grool on her panties. My entire body shivered as my wet tongue draped out.

I planted a soft kiss on the crest of her pussy, just above the clit. Emily moaned as she kicked the air. Her grool lathered my lips as I continued to peck at her clit, my tongue occasionally slipping out to lash against the pink button.

            “Ohh fuck! Don’t play around!” She moaned.

Emily’s hand grabbed my hair and forced me down onto the pussy. I yelped as my mouth locked against her mound, and her spreading slit against my tongue.

            I whimpered, running my tongue up and down her wetness as grool and saliva filled my mouth.

“OHHH YES!” Emily cried out. Her thighs clamped around my face, locking my head in a vice-grip as she suffocated me between her wetness. I could barely breathe. The aroma of her soft pussy filled my head and caused my thoughts to vanish in a puff of smoke.

            I let go of my throbbing cock, using both hands to grip her thighs as my tongue lashed wildly like a whip against her blooming pussy. Saliva and grool filled my mouth, sweeter than honey, and her hot moans filled my head.

“Y-yes, Jake! Just like that! I know you’ve wanted to taste my pussy for so long!”

            She was right. I dreamed of this moment, and I could barely believe it was happening. My mouth devoured her slit, my tongue shoved in and out of her panting wetness as her soft thighs squeezed my head.

Her moans echoed in the air, while my moans and grunts filled her pussy. Saliva and grool ran down, ruining the cushions as my nose pressed up against the crest of her slit. Each breath I took was more of her euphoric pheromones than air, and my mind felt like I was floating in a cloud.

            Emily tossed her head back, her toes curling as she gripped the roots of my hair. “Ohh yes, Jake! Just like that! Eat my tight little pussy. I know you love it, don’t you?”

            My eyes fluttered open, glancing up her tight petite body as she squirmed on the couch.

She was so wet, and her pussy was blooming like a flower after the rain. Emily pushed my head down an inch until my wet tongue was lashing against her puckering asshole.

“OHHH YES!” she cried out, her back arching off the couch before slamming back down. She squealed as my tongue penetrated her tight asshole. Her ass gripped my tongue as I shoved it all the way in, wiggling like a worm inside her.

            She tasted amazing. Both holes were soft and tight, and at this point, I’d like her anywhere she wanted.

Each long lick of my tongue ran from her asshole to the top of her pussy, and then back down, like a swimmer doing laps in a pool.

            Emily’s body quivered as I pleasured her.

My cock was throbbing. Ready to erupt like a volcano. I could already feel the thick strands of pre-cum oozing out as I attacked her slit.

            I gasped for breath, pulling my head out from between her thighs. “F-fuck! I can’t take it!”

I gasped. My cock was throbbing wildly as if it had a mind of its own. I grabbed it as grool and saliva dripped from my chin.


            In a single stroke, my cock erupted. Thick, hot strands of cum shot out like ropes, covering Emily as she gasped.

She squirmed as my cum coated her from neck to pelvis, her entire body glazed by my cream.
            “O-ohhh fuck! Jake!” She whimpered, as my cum rolled off her panting stomach and tits.

My balls emptied, leaving her coated in my filth.

            I fell back, my mind still swirling as I stared up at the ceiling. That was amazing. Every drop of cum was drained from my balls, and my quivering cock collapsed against my stomach as I panted for air.

            Emily giggled, her fingers running up and down her stomach where the cum pooled. “Holy fuck. You really were horny, weren’t you? Look at all this cum.”

A few drops fell down onto her pussy as she giggled. The cum dripped into her soft slit just made my heart pound that much harder.

            Emily flashed me a wink as she sat up. “You pathetic little thing couldn’t even fuck me before you came all over.” She scoffed, standing up to her feet. “Oh, by the way, I have another boy coming over tonight. Make sure you listen against the wall, it’ll be a wild night.”

Flashing me a wink, Emily strutted back to her bedroom, leaving me panting and sweating on the couch.



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