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Summer Fun

on May 16, 2023

Devon leaned back in his gaming chair. It was too hot to be up here in the attic. He loved the privacy of having his bedroom on the top floor, but in the summer, it was brutal.
“Come on, man,” said Tyler, looking at his buddy. “One more round.”
The TV was on in front of them, another level of Crash Team Racing loading on the screen.
Devon wiped his forehead. “Nah, we need to head downstairs. I’m boiling up here. Let’s go to the living room. My parents aren’t going to be home for a while.”
It was Devon’s house, so Tyler didn’t have room to complain. He followed his buddy downstairs, realizing as they descended the steps that the gym had really been paying off for Devon. He was just in his gym shorts, so Tyler could see every taut muscle in his shoulders.
“Do you want a glass of water?” asked Devon, once they were in the much cooler kitchen.
“Sure.” Tyler felt something unusual swirling inside him. He had never noticed how attractive Devon was, how nice of a body he had.
Devon poured two glasses from the jug of water in the fridge and kicked the door shut, with the two glasses held by his side.
Tyler grabbed the glass from his friend, but as he did so, he accidentally brushed against Devon’s crotch along the way. It made both men take pause, and Tyler couldn’t help but realize the size of his friend’s bulge underneath his shorts. His eyes looked down briefly and saw that Devon’s cock was twitching through the thin fabric.
“I. . .” Tyler began, about to apologize. But then his eyes moved back to look into Devon’s, and some sort of unspoken tension began to form a thick cloud between them.
With his hands shaking, Tyler reached down for the waistband of Devon’s gym shorts and slid them down his legs. Suddenly, he was on his knees with Devon’s cock in front of him.
“Should we be doing this?” asked Tyler, hoping to hear the answer he wanted.
“Yes,” came Devon’s short response, so Tyler began to slide his lips over his cock.
“Fuck,” Devon groaned. He raked his fingers through Tyler’s shaggy brown hair as his best friend lowered his face right down on his cock. “Fuck yes.”
Tyler couldn’t believe this was happening. Devon’s cock was hard and long in his mouth, throbbing against his cheek. Tyler shifted his eyes up to watch Devon’s face twist into an expression of pleasure while he bobbed his head up and down his cock.
“You suck cock so good,” sighed Devon. “That mouth is perfect.”
Tyler loved hearing those words of affirmation, so he started working even harder now, making the blowjob nice and sloppy. He was already prepared to take Devon’s load of cum down his throat, excited to taste him, when suddenly, Devon was pulling him up to standing.
“Turn around.” His voice was rough and low.
They locked eyes for a brief moment while Devon helped spin Tyler around against the kitchen island. He pulled his shorts down, along with his boxers, revealing Tyler’s perfect ass. Devon gave it a few playful smacks before spitting into his hand and coating his cock. He pushed a glob of spit against Tyler’s asshole.
“I want to take this ass,” said Devon, getting up close behind Tyler.
Tyler was shivering from head to toe. He wanted this so badly. He arched his back, causing his ass to stick out a little further, only enticing Devon more. “Fuck my ass then,” he said, so ready for it.
In one long, slow motion, Devon pressed his way into Tyler’s tight asshole. He had never taken a cock up there before, so at first, he let out a long moan of discomfort. It quickly gave way to pleasure, though, and Devon loved hearing him make those noises. Tyler’s whimpers only made him harder.
“You ready to get properly fucked?” asked Devon. He moved his hands to Tyler’s waist, holding him tightly there.
“Yes,” groaned Tyler, through gritted teeth. “Use me, Devon.”
That was all Devon needed to hear. He began to work his cock faster inside of his friend’s ass, watching the way every inch of him disappeared inside Tyler’s hole. His ass had stretched to accommodate Devon’s girth and fucking him was easy now.
“You’re so goddamn tight and perfect.” Devon sighed blissfully and ran his hands over Tyler’s ass. “We should do this all summer long.”
“Who says we can’t?” Tyler replied, turning to look over his shoulder.
Devon picked up the pace even more, plunging his cock over and over into Tyler’s sweet ass. He had never known pleasure like this. He tossed his head back, closed his eyes, and let himself moan from somewhere deep in his belly. He felt primal, like a wild animal as he drove into Tyler’s hole.
It didn’t take him long to cum. He had been holding it back from the second Tyler wrapped his lips around his cock.
“Are you ready to be pumped full of cum?” asked Devon, running his hands across Tyler’s back and shoulders. He wanted to somehow get closer to him.
“Fuck yes.” Tyler’s breath was urgent and frantic.
Devon thrusted against him a few more times before finally driving his cock once more into Tyler’s ass. He twitched inside of him, the cum spurting out of his cock in a long, hot stream. Both of the guys let out a simultaneous groan as Devon reached underneath Tyler and pulled him back against him while he came. Tyler panted and whimpered against his friend while his ass was properly filled with cum.
Finally, Devon slowly pulled out. A small stream of jizz came with him, pouring out from Tyler’s ass and landing on the linoleum floor. They stared at each other for a second as they caught their breath.
“Suddenly, it feels just as hot down here as it did upstairs,” laughed Devon, reaching for his glass of water.
Tyler laughed. “It sure does. Maybe the basement will be cooler.”
Devon caught the gleam in Tyler’s eye. “Yeah, we should go downstairs. Much cooler down there.”
He led the way, with Tyler in tow. Already, both of them were thinking about the huge, comfortable sectional couch in the basement, with plenty of room for two bodies. . .

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