Erotic Story: Thanksgiving with my two cousins
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Thanksgiving with my two cousins

on Nov 22, 2023

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Thanksgiving with my two cousins

The sun beat down heavily on the backyard, casting a warm glow on Marcus and Micheal as they worked on fixing the patio table. I couldn't help but stare at their glistening torsos, muscles flexing with every movement they made. Their defined abs and strong arms seemed to be sculpted by the gods themselves. Marcus' black hair stuck to his forehead from the sweat, making him look even more rugged than usual. Meanwhile, Micheal's shaggy hair framed his face perfectly, highlighting his chiseled jaw and piercing gaze.

            "Wow," I muttered under my breath, entranced by the sight before me.

Behind me, I could hear Craig bustling around in the kitchen, completely oblivious to the view that had captivated me. The sound of the oven door opening drew my attention away from the window for a moment.  

"Got the turkey out!" Craig announced proudly, his nerdy curls bouncing as he carried the steaming dish to the counter. My sweet, wholesome boyfriend was so proud of his culinary achievement, and while I appreciated his efforts, I couldn't deny that my thoughts were elsewhere.

"Great job, babe!" I called back, forcing a smile and trying to sound enthusiastic. My mind, however, was still outside with Marcus and Micheal.

I knew it was wrong to stare at them. They were my cousins, after all. But I couldn’t help it. The taboo-ness of my gaze only added to the fire.

As I continued to watch Marcus and Micheal through the glass door, their muscles glistening in the sun, a sudden warmth pressed against my back. Craig had come over, wrapping his arms around me and placing a soft kiss on my cheek. "I'm about to head out to the airport to pick up your mom," he said affectionately.

"Thanks, babe," I replied, forcing a smile as my thoughts couldn't help but drift back to the two men outside. At that moment, it struck me just how different Craig was from them – he didn't possess that same smoldering intensity or rugged handsomeness. And yet, there was a sweetness about him that I adored.

Craig was sweet and treated me well — but I needed something more. Something passionate.

"See you later!" Craig called out, grabbing his keys and heading for the front door. As soon as he left, I felt a strange mix of guilt and excitement building up inside me. The temptation to interact with Marcus and Micheal was strong, and I couldn't resist any longer.

Maybe I should offer them some water, I thought, reaching for a couple of bottles from the fridge. It's the least I can do.

            Carrying the cold drinks in hand, I stepped outside into the warm sunlight. Approaching my cousins, I tried to keep my gaze focused on their faces, though it was incredibly difficult not to let my eyes wander down to their toned abs and the beads of sweat rolling down their muscular bodies.

            "Hey, guys," I said, trying to sound casual. "Thought you might like some water. It's pretty hot out here."

            "Thanks, Lily," Marcus responded, taking a swig of water while flashing me a devilish grin that made my heart skip a beat. Micheal nodded his appreciation, wiping his brow before taking a drink himself.

            "By the way," I added, attempting to steer the conversation towards something more innocent. "I wanted to thank you both for helping with the patio table. Craig tried fixing it the other day, but he couldn't quite get it right."

            I watched as Marcus and Micheal threw their heads back in laughter, the sun casting a golden glow on their chiseled features. I felt my cheeks heat up, not knowing if it was from embarrassment or the undeniable attraction I had towards them.

            "Come on, Lily," Marcus said between chuckles. "We never thought you'd end up with someone so... innocent like Craig."

            "What do you mean by 'innocent'?" I asked defensively, crossing my arms over my chest.

            "Nothing wrong with being a nice guy," Micheal chimed in, still smirking. "It's just that, well, we remember how wild you used to be."

            My heart pounded in my chest at the memories they were evoking, but I stood my ground. "Craig is a great guy, and he treats me well."

            "Sure, but is he too nice?" Marcus questioned, his dark eyes locking onto mine. "You know what they say about nice guys... they don't fuck well."

            "Marcus!" I gasped, completely taken aback by his blunt statement.

            "Am I wrong, though?" he asked, raising an eyebrow and grinning wickedly.

            I hesitated, feeling my face flush even more intensely, but I couldn't bring myself to deny the allegation. My silence spoke volumes, and the boys seemed to revel in my discomfort.

"Tell us, Lily," Micheal softly pressed, his voice low and sultry. "When was the last time your little boyfriend… really showed you a hot and dirty time?"

            I bit my lip, trying to suppress the urge to answer their intrusive question, as well as the fantasies that began to flood my mind. I shook my head, unwilling to betray my relationship any further.

            "None of your business," I mumbled, avoiding their gaze.

            "Of course," Marcus replied, feigning innocence while the corner of his mouth twitched in amusement. "We just thought you deserved better, that's all."

            "Better?" I asked, my voice barely audible as I struggled to maintain control over my thoughts and feelings.

            "Someone who knows how to make you feel alive, who can satisfy your deepest desires," he elaborated, his voice like velvet.

            I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to regain my composure. It felt wrong to even entertain these thoughts — especially with my cousins — but the temptation was so strong. As much as I loved Craig, he could never ignite the fire within me the way Marcus and Micheal seemed to with just a few words.

            "Maybe you're right," I whispered, my heart racing in my chest. "But it doesn't matter. I'm with Craig now, and I love him."

            "Come on, Lily," Marcus murmured softly, standing up and drawing me closer to him. He tilted my head up, forcing me to meet his smoldering gaze. "A sexy girl like you deserves to cum."

Vibrator Collection. Rabbit Vibrator, Clitoral Suction, G-Spot Vibrator, Wand Massager. We have them all.

            I blushed at his words, unable to deny the truth behind them. As much as I knew how wrong this situation was, the desire coursing through me was too powerful to resist. The boy stood inches from me, filling my nose with the scent of his hot, seaming body. His finger tilted my chin up to face him — pure, eager lust in his dark eyes.

My heart pounded in my chest, my body betraying my mind as I leaned in closer.

"Marcus..." I whispered, but he silenced my protest with a searing kiss. Our lips met hungrily, our tongues dancing together in a heated tangle of passion. I gripped his shoulders, feeling the hard muscles beneath his skin flex under my touch. He responded by pulling me closer, his hands exploring the curve of my waist.

            Oh my God. What was I doing? His lips locked against mine… My own cousin. He tasted so… sweet. Our tongues danced as I clawed at his back, feeling his rigid muscles pressing up against my hands.

            "God, you're so beautiful," he breathed against my lips, making me shiver with anticipation.

            As we were lost in each other's embrace, I felt another pair of hands on me. Micheal had moved behind me, his fingers deftly working at the button and zipper of my pants. I gasped, torn between the excitement of what was happening and the fear of getting caught.

            "Relax, Lily," Micheal whispered into my ear, his breath hot on my skin. "We'll make sure you feel amazing."

            My mind raced, a whirlwind of conflicting emotions and desires. But despite the guilt gnawing at me, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to experience the raw passion that Marcus and Micheal promised.

            I couldn’t fight it any longer. I pulled off of Marcus, grabbing the two boys by the hand and pulling them inside. Mom’s flight would have landed, and Craig should already be close to the airport. The two of them shouldn’t be more than thirty minutes away, so we had to be fast. My fingers wrapped between theirs, our palms pressed together.

My heart was racing like a horse, I couldn’t deny the lust that had overcome me. Both boys followed me eagerly, knowing exactly what I wanted.

            Marcus was a tall, dark-haired man. Rugged, and confident. Micheal was a shaggy-haired brown boy, a mysterious and calming demeanor about him — but his eager lust was always evident in her eyes.

            The heat in my pelvis grew, and an insatiable fire burned within me. At this point, I didn’t care one bit about how taboo it was. I just needed to be satisfied.

            My heart raced as I pulled Micheal and Marcus into my room, unable to resist the desire that had taken over me. The door closed behind us with a soft click, and I took a moment to appreciate the familiar surroundings of my pink, girly sanctuary.

            "Wow, Lily," Marcus laughed, his eyes roaming over the plush stuffed animals on my bed and the pink fairy lights twinkling in the corners. "You never did outgrow your princess phase, huh?"

            I rolled my eyes at him before grabbing his shirt to pull him down for another passionate kiss. "Shut up, Marcus," I mumbled against his lips, feeling the warmth of his mouth as our tongues danced together. My hands explored the hard muscles of his chest, while one of his hands caressed the small of my back and the other tangled itself in my hair.

            Micheal stood beside us, his quiet intensity almost palpable. He moved closer, and without saying a word, he unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my legs, leaving me standing in just my white, wet thong. My heart skipped a beat as he hooked his fingers around the waistband and pulled it down too, leaving me completely exposed in front of these two men who had known me since childhood — my very own cousins.

            Feeling a wave of vulnerability wash over me, I stood there in my exposed state, my heart racing. Micheal's intense gaze seemed to pierce through me, sending shivers down my spine. He stepped closer, his strong hands gently spreading my ass cheeks apart, revealing everything to him. I could feel my face flush with heat as he leaned in, his chiseled face buried between my cheeks.

            "God, Lily," he murmured before his talented tongue made contact with my most intimate regions. A loud moan escaped my lips. The sensation of his tongue swirling against my pussy and ass simultaneously was unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

            "Feels amazing, doesn't it?" Marcus whispered in my ear, the warmth of his breath giving me goosebumps. His lips found mine once more, sucking on my lower lip while one hand slipped around to cup my breast. The combination of their touches sent my senses into overdrive, making it nearly impossible to think about anything other than the pleasure they were bestowing upon me.

            "Take it off," I breathed, urging Marcus to remove my shirt. He obliged, peeling the fabric away from my body and exposing my soft, round tits to the cool air. They bounced free, my sensitive nipples hardening as Marcus admired them hungrily.

            "Beautiful," he murmured, taking one into his mouth and gently nibbling on the nipple as I arched my back in response.

            My movements pressed my ass further into Micheal's face, driving his tongue deeper into my wet, eager pussy. My moans grew louder, becoming more desperate with each flick of his talented tongue. Marcus released my nipple, looking at me with a devilish grin as he began to unbutton his pants.

            "Ready for more, princess?" he teased, his voice dripping with lustful intent. I nodded, completely captivated by the intensity of the moment and the desire coursing through my veins.

            With a single tug, his pants and boxers fell to the floor — as did my jaw.

"Good God, Marcus," I gasped as my eyes widened in disbelief. The sheer size of his cock was unlike anything I had ever seen or experienced. It was both intimidating and incredibly arousing, filling me with a mixture of fear and anticipation.

            "Like what you see?" Marcus teased, smirking at my reaction. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment, but my eyes remained glued to his impressive length.

            “Mmmmh~” I whimpered, biting my lip as my clit throbbed. The sight of Marcus’ hard, eager cock, and the feeling of Micheal’s tongue swirling between my two holes took my breath away.

            Micheal pulled his face out of my ass, his chin glistening with my arousal. He shot me a wink before stepping back, allowing Marcus to grab hold of my hips and effortlessly lift me off the ground. As he tossed me onto the bed, my body bounced slightly upon impact, feeling weightless for a moment.

            "Ready for the ride of your life, princess?" Marcus asked, crawling onto the bed and positioning himself between my legs. His eyes burned with lustful intent, and a shiver ran down my spine as I imagined what it would feel like to have him inside me.

"More than ready," I replied breathlessly, spreading my legs wider in invitation. The thought of being filled by Marcus's enormous cock sent a thrill through me, igniting a need deep within that I couldn't ignore.

"Please, Marcus," I begged, my voice barely above a whisper. "I need to feel you."

"Your wish is my command," he murmured, leaning down to capture my lips in a searing kiss before positioning his thick head at my entrance.

            “Ohhh~” I moaned, the weight of my cousin baring down on me. My eyes fluttered as I looked at Micheal off to the side, taking his pants off and revealing his own thick, hard cock. It wasn’t as big as Marcus’ but it was long and slender, and looked clean as a whistle.

My mouth watered.

            I tossed my head back, wrapping my legs around Marcus’ waist as his cock plunged inside me. “Ohhh fuck!” I whimpered.

The feeling was amazing. The man groaned, leaning down and sucking on my neck as his cock buried inside my tight, warm slit.

            “Fuck, princess. Feels so good.” He groaned. My nails clawed at his back and my ankles locked around his waist.

My entire body trembled at the sheer size of his cock, it was amazing. Poor Craig couldn’t compare at all. At first I felt a bit bad about doing this behind his back, but Marcus’ cock wiped those doubts right out of my head. My tight, pink walls gripped the shaft like a glove, milking the man for his seed.

            “So tight. So wet.” Micheal groaned. “Do you like my cock, princess?”

I whimpered, unable to breathe, let alone talk as my mind flooded with pleasure.

“Then you’ll love two of them.”

            He pulled his cock out, causing me to gasp as grool oozed out of my pussy.

“Get on your hands and knees, slut.” Marcus sneered, gripping my hair.

            I nodded, face flushed as the pleasure filled me.

I rolled on my sheets, my hands and knees digging into the soft fabric. My ass wiggled in the air, as Marcus’ thick, wet cock slapped against my face.

            I tossed my head back, opening my mouth and letting the thick shaft slap against my panting tongue. The taste of my own sweet grool coated my mouth as the man ran his shaft against it.

            I didn’t even notice Micheal get on the bed behind me, his cock pressing against my blooming pussy.

“Ohhh~” I muttered, feeling his long shaft against my slit, and his hands gripping my waist.

            As I moaned, Marcus pushed his cock into my mouth. I whimpered, mind racing as my lips wrapped around the shaft.

“Mmmh, good girl.” He groaned.

            Blush filled my cheeks as I felt Micheal’s cock push deep inside my pussy. My toes curled and my back arched as the shaft effortlessly pressed into my wet hole.

I closed my eyes, letting both boys fill me with their thick shafts. My clit exploded as they buried themselves inside me.

            The men groaned, their hands exploring all over my body as the pleasure was almost too much to bear, and yet at the same time, I didn’t want the euphoria to end. I choked on Marcus’ cock as my nose pressed up against his pelvis, my pussy gripping and milking Micheal’s shaft as he thrust in and out of me — my soft ass slamming against his pelvis.

            “Such a good girl, isn’t she?” Micheal panted.

            “Sure is, our little slutty princess.” Marcus groaned.

Both men pounded me, my little body was nothing more than a cock sleeve for them — and I loved it.

My tongue swirled around Marcus’ shaft as he plunged it deep into my throat, pushing the saliva out of the corners of my mouth. My slit did the same to Micheals cock, smothering it and pushing it to the brink of eruption.

            My soft whimpers and their groans filled the room — as did the creaking of my bed.

“F-fuck!” Micheal moaned, pulling his cock out. I gasped, panting for breath as he slapped the wet shaft against my face. “I can barely last a second. The slut is so talented with her tongue.”

            “Her pussy as well. So fucking tight.” Micheal added.

I giggled, huffing as I bit my lip. “C-cum on my face, Daddy.” I moaned, staring at his wet cock.

            “Yeah? You want my cream, princess?”

I nodded emphatically, stray strands of hair sticking to my face.

Marcus smirked, not needing to be told again. He stroked his sopping wet cock, saliva splattering onto my face as I eagerly anticipated his load. My brown eyes fluttered, staring up at his face with pure lust.

            “F-fuck!” Marcus cried out, his cock erupting like a volcano as he spewed thick, hot ropes of cum all over me.

“Ohhhh~” I moaned, feeling the cream glaze me like a donut. It mixed with the spit and saliva on my face, trailing down my throat as I gleefully licked up as much of the salty goodness as I could.

            At the same time, Micheal gripped my waist, his cock buried inside my slit as he let out a moan of pure pleasure. “Fuck!”

His cock shot into my pussy, filling it with his seed.

            “Ohhh yesss~” I whimpered, my body squirming as I felt the thick seed lathering my insides. My pussy walls milked his shaft for every last drop, as he pulled out.

Cum and grool oozed out of my pussy with each breath. I was covered in filth — and I loved it.

            Exhausted, I collapsed in the bed, tasting the salty seed on my lips. “Th-that was amazing…” I whimpered.

            The men chuckles, Micheal massaged my ass while Marcus stroked my hair.

Downstairs, the door opened, and Craig’s laughter filled my ears. My mind raced, I had completely lost track of time. Mom and Craig were back, and here I was laying in bed with my naked cousins, covered in filthy cum.

“We should get cleaned up,” Marcus said, standing. His cock still dripping with filth.

            “Sounds good…” I whimpered. “Perhaps after dinner… We could go for round 2? I’m sure I can send Craig off to do some more chores with Mom and leave us for some more alone time.”

I glanced back at Micheal, who had a dirty grin on his lips.

            “Round 2, followed by rounds 3 and 4 and 5.” He chuckled.

After a hasty clean-up, Marcus, Micheal and I all went downstairs to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. The dirty rush was amazing, cum still lathered my inner thighs. As we sat and ate, Craig wrapped his fingers around my upper thigh, his finger inches from Micheal’s seed that lathered my moist womanhood.

            I grinned, glancing over at my two cousins. They shared the same filthy look as I did. My nipples pressed up against my top, making my entire body shiver. This dirty secret belonged to just us.




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