Erotic Story: The Forbidden Belt and the Late night Visitor
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The Forbidden Belt and the Late night Visitor

on Dec 26, 2023

Reading time: ~14 min; Tags: #chastity; #3some, #bdsm

The Forbidden Belt and the Late night Visitor

I ate the last bite of my salad, wiping my lips off on my handkerchief with the air blowing through my hair.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon—perfect for lunch on the balcony.

            Jackson sipped his coffee, reading through the newspaper as he leaned back in his chair.

Though we’ve only been dating a few months—I’ve fallen head over heels for him. He was almost 10 years older than me, though he had decades more of real-life experience.

Jackson had traveled the world, seeing people and exploring—while I never so much as left Los Angeles.

            “How was the salad, love?” Jackson asked, his eyes still on his newspaper.

I smiled, tucking my soft blonde hair behind my ears. “So tasty. Thank you for making it.”

            “It was a recipe I picked up in Italy. I knew you’d love it.”

            “I wish I could make something for you….” I glanced down at my lap—all my cooking experiences consistently of college struggle meals like ramen and dollar store hotdogs. Nothing that Jackson would even dare try.

His lips curled into a smirk as he glanced up from his newspaper. “Perhaps there is something you could do for me…”

            I raised an eyebrow. “You hungry for a microwave pizza?”

Jackson laughed, sitting up in his chair and putting the newspaper to the side. The man leaned over the balcony table, his short black hair blowing back as the wind picked up. “There was a girl I met in Barcelona. She is in town for the week.” He said.

            I smiled. “Oh, how fun! We can go for brunch!”

Jackson laughed, rubbing his forehead, “No, Kyra my dear. Another type of friend.” His lips were curled into a devious grin.

Pink blush filled my cheeks. “O-oh…” I muttered, pursing my lips into a line. Jackson had mentioned all the dirty fun he’d had on his trips. This ‘friend’ must have been one of the many girls that he hooked up with.

            “She wanted to meet me…” He said.

My heart dropped.

“But I told her about you.” He said, taking another long sip of his coffee. “...She seemed even more interested in meeting after I mentioned you.” Jackson’s dirty grin grew.

            My brown eyes widened. “R-really?”

            Jackson nodded. “She likes girls just as much as men. Perhaps even more so.”

My heart skipped a beat. Truthfully, I felt the same. In my strict and conservative life, I never had the courage to explore my sexuality, but seeing a beautiful woman elicited the same tingle in my pussy as a beautiful man did.

            “So, my dear. What do you say?” He asked, taking my hand.

A breath whimpered past my lips. My heart pounding. Though my mind was racing, my heart knew the answer.

I nodded my head.

            Jackson stood to his feet. “Good girl. I have another surprise.”

I watched eagerly as the man walked back inside his villa, coming back out with a black pull-string bag and putting it on the table in front of me.

            I reached inside, my hand grabbing something metal.

I slowly pulled it out, my eyebrows furrowing. “Wh-what is this?” I asked.

            The device in my hand looked like a metal pair of panties. Pink plastic surrounded the edges and the insides.

“That, my dear, is a chastity belt.” He said, kneeling down beside me. “I want you to wear it until she visits.”

            A whimper escaped my lips. The belt had tiny holes to pee out of, and a larger hole for the ass. I had heard about these belts for men, but never for women.

Jackson reached into his pocket, pulling out a lock and key. “Go ahead, baby. Put it on.” 

            I stepped out of the bathroom, completely naked, sparing the chastity belt around my pelvis. I held the belt up, the plastic insides felt comfortable against my delicate skin.

“It fits well,” Jackson said walking up to me, key in hand.
            I pursed my lips together, “B-before you lock it… Perhaps we can have a little fun first? It’s been so long.” I whimper. It had been almost a week since we fucked since Jackson was away on one of his business trips, and
my clit was already quivering.

The man smirked, her hand trailing down my trembling stomach to the lock at the side of the belt.

He leaned in, “No…”

            As the words escaped his lips, he snapped the lock shut. The belt tightened around my waist as he stepped back.

A whimper escaped my lips. “P-please! One last time. I need it!”

            Jackson laughed. “You’ll cum when I say you can. Now go and clean up the house. Tomorrow evening, my friend Eva will come over.”

            He walked away whistling to himself as he slipped the key to the belt into his pocket, leaving me squirming. It was tight around my waist, and no matter how much I squirmed and pushed—it wasn’t coming off.

            I could already feel my pussy start to water. Jackson had full control of when I could cum. My pleasure was in the palm of his hand.

My clit started to throb, but I couldn’t reach down to satiate it. There was nothing I could do except for what Jackson wanted, in hopes that he would set me free again. 

            Eva came over the next day as planned. I greeted her at the door with my arm wrapped around Jackson’s. The man wore a dress shirt and tan pants, while I wore a light and airy sundress.

She was gorgeous.

            Eva was tall, and her skin was tan. Her black hair was long and curly and the woman had more curves than a sculpture.

“Jackson, my love!” She said, strutting up to him. “It’s been so long!”
            Jackson gave the woman a long, hard hug. “It has indeed, Eva. You look as beautiful as always.”

His hands rode down to the small of her back. Her tight black shirt and jeans left nothing to the imagination as I admired the woman.

            She glanced over. Her sharp black eyes made me freeze like a deer in headlights. “And you must be Kyra, such a pretty little thing.”

She stuck her hand out for me to shake. I broke from my frozen status and smiled, taking her soft hands in mine.

            “Pleasure to meet you, Eva. Jackson has told me so much about you.”

She grinned devilishly. “Hopefully not too much.”

Jackson laughed, and a pink blush crossed his cheeks.

            “Come now. Let’s get inside.”

I followed them in, walking awkwardly as the chastity belt still hugged my waist. Even under my sundress, it was completely unnoticeable.

            We sat in the living room. Eva elected to sit next to Jackson while I went to the kitchen to get some drinks ready for the three of us. While I pour three glasses of wine, I could hear Eva laugh from the other room. By the time I returned, his hand was on her leg as the woman stroked his thigh. Neither of them noticed me until I placed the tray of wine on the table in front of them.

            “Aah, thank you love.” Jackson said, taking a sip. He swished it around in his mouth as Eva smirked deviously towards me.
Her black eyes were mesmerizing, pulling me in like a night sky. “So, Kyra. I hope Jackson has tried some of the… Techniques I showed him on you.”

            “Oh, Eva. Little Kyra here is far to young and inexperienced for those.” Jackson retorted.

            “Nonsense. She looks like a girl who can take it.” Her lips curled.

The blush in my cheeks accentuated. “J-Jackson has shown me quite a bit…” The man had done plenty of dirty things with me, what could Eva have shown him that he was so reluctant to try on me?

            “Not the things that Eva taught, my love.” Jackson snickered.

I pursed my lips together, imagining the two of them in a whole sort of dirty and devious positions.

            “Perhaps… You can show me yourself, Eva.” I said. The comment made Eva grin. “I think I will. Something tells me I have plenty that I can show you.”

Jackson cleared his throat, and I could tell his heart was starting to beat at the thought of me and Eva sharing his manhood.

            “Come now, ladies. Drink up and lets head to the bedroom.” He urged, taking a final drink of his wine.

Eva drank hers slowly, her eyes running up and down my body as if she were mentally undressing me—though, I’m sure my chastity belt will come as quite a surprise.

            Jackson led us to the bedroom, offering the couch for Eva. I sat down next to her, one leg draped over the other as Jackson went to go and get some drinks.
As soon as he left, Eva glanced at me with her red lips curled into a smile. “You are adorable. Probably not even in your 30s yet, are you?’

            I blushed, shaking my head.

“Though I can see why he takes such a fancy to you. That beautiful blonde hair, that slender body.” Eva bit her lip as she leaned in closer. Her hand rested on my thigh as her rose perfume filled my nose.

            I suppressed a whimper. My pussy was so wet and eager, but the belt prevented me from even touching it.

            Jackson came back soon after, but instead of drinks—he had a felt mask in his hand.

He tossed it on my lap, snickering as he did.

“Kyra, my love. Put that mask on, will you?”

            I lifted it up with a frown. The mask had a zipper opening for the mouth, and no eye holes. “Wh-what?” I whimper.

            “I said, put it on.” The grizzled man ordered.

I bit my lip, my heart pounding like a drum. I couldn’t resist his order as my trembling hand put the mask over the top of my head.

            The fabric was thick and warm, no light penetrated it as I breathed deeply.

Jackson opened up the mouth zipper, letting my breath escape.

“Good girl. Now you are going to lean back here while I fuck Eva, okay? Not a peep from you.”

            Beside me, I could hear Eva giggle, leaning over as she began to unbuckle his belt.

I nodded my head, squirming in my seat as my pussy began to ooze with wetness and lather the crotch of the belt.

            Jackson stuck two fingers into the mouth hole, slipping them into my wet and panting mouth as I locked my lips around them. I moaned as I sucked on his grizzled fingers, my tongue lashing against his rough skin as he pushed his fingers knuckle deep inside my panting mouth.

            He pulled his finger out, saliva dripping as he closed the zipper.

I sat on the couch squirming as the two of them laughed and crawled onto the bed. My pussy was begging to be freed, begging to be pleasured—but there was nothing I could do but sit there and listen.

            “Oh oh. Yes… Right there J…” Eva moaned. ”Lay back. Let me remind you of how I won you over in the first place.”

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            I could hear the sounds of her wet tongue lashing against his shaft as Jackson moaned. His heavy, manly groans got louder and louder as the wet sounds of Eva’s tongue on his cock filled the air and echoed in my mind. He rarely ever was this loud with me. A tinge of jealously build in my head, but it was quickly overpowered by the horny growl of my pussy—growing louder and louder as Jackson moaned.

My hot breath steamed up the mask as my mind raced. The lack of air made my mind hazy—and my throbbing clit made my body squirm.

            “Oh fuck… I missed these tits…” Jackson moaned, and the wet sounds of his fingers fucking her slit echoed in the air.

            “Oh oh oh! Fuck! Yes, baby!” Eva shouted, causing me to whimper. Even her horny moans were sexy and thrilling. What I wouldn’t do to see that beautiful curvy body of hers naked.

            The wet, sloshing noise of his cock slipping into her slit filled the air. Both of them moaned as his pelvis slapped against her thigh.

As the thrusting sped up, so did the loudness of their moans. It filled my head with pure ecstasy as I began to whimper. The blackness of the mask made my hearing even more precise. I could hear how wet she was. I could hear the pure pleasure in both of their moans and the hotness of their fucking.

            “Oh J! I-I’m going to cum!” Eva screamed.

My pussy couldn’t take it anymore. I tried desperately to slip my hand beneath the chastity belt, but it was sealed tight. My pink nipples were rock hard and grool lathered my thighs as I squirmed on the couch.

            Eva let out a screaming moan of pure ecstasy. I could feel her mind-blowing orgasm in her cry.

“OOOH FUCK! FUCK YES!” the woman screamed. The wetness of her pussy was clear as day even inside the stuffed mask.

            Jackson groaned. A certain groan that I was well familiar with. He was filling her wet pussy with his seed, emptying his balls inside of her. My heart skipped a beat. I was jealous. I loved his salty cum, and it had been so long since I’d been filled by it.

            With my mind hazy and filled with horny euphoria, I didn’t even realize Jackson walk up to the couch, taking me by the hand.

I could feel the grool slip out of the pee grate as I walked to the bed. The man lay me on my back, taking a seat on the edge as Eva leaned over and began to kiss my neck.

            I squirmed on the bed, my moans suffocated by the thick mask. The lack of oxygen made my head spin.

“Mmmm she’s so soft…” Eva moaned.

            The woman grabbed the spaghetti strands of my sundress, pulling them down my arm. My back arched off the bedding, letting the dress slouch off my body.

My perky tits bounced free as Eva pulled the dress down to my waist.

Her dainty hands groped one tit as she sucked on the other. Her tongue lashed against my nipple as she pinched the other.

“O-ohhh!” I moaned, squirming as she attacked my petite body.

            Her hand trailed down my panting stomach to my dress. She pulled it all the way down my waist—revealing the chastity belt.

            “My my… What’s this?” The woman asked, running her hands up and down the belt.

            Jackson laughed. “She belongs to me. And so does her orgasms.”

Eva giggled. “Poor girl. You must be so horny right now.”

She unzipped the mouth of the mask, letting me gasp for air. “F-fuck! Y-yes. P-please, let me cum.”

            Eva pondered for a moment, her hand playing with my tits. “Hmmmm… No.” she snapped, rising to her knees.

The woman straddled my face. Her knees dug into the dirty sheets beside my head as she held her pussy over my face.

The filth from her slit fell on my mask like dirty rain, and a few drops fell on my tongue through the mouth hole, sending shivers up my spine.

            Slowly, she lowered herself down onto my face. Smothering me with her thick hips.

I grabbed her thighs as she sat squarely on my face. My tongue draped up of the mouth hole, as her pussy sat squarely on top of it.

            I squirmed. My tongue lashed against her slit as she grinded on my face.

-sweet taste of her grool. My fingers dug into her thigh as she suffocated me.

            Eva rode me like a bull, her hips swaying in motions like the wave. Her soft, pussy lips rubbed all over my mouth and lips, it was intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough of her tasty grool as the euphoria flooded my overstimulated mind. My tongue dug deeper and deeper, I couldn’t resist her as I tried to shove my tongue as far as it could go—I was desperate to get every last drop of her sweet honey. I wanted to devour her as my animalistic instincts took over.

            The scent of her soft pussy filled my mind. Each inhale I took filled me with her aroma instead of oxygen. My back arched and my feet kicked at the bedding as she rode me. Her shallow panting filled my drive as my tongue lashed at her like a whip.

            I could feel Jackson’s rough hand grabbing my tit as their filth coated my mouth and filled my cheeks.

“Ohh fuck! F-fuck!” Eva squirmed. Her tight slit gripped my tongue as I pushed it inside her, grool spilling out like a waterfall.

            The woman’s body shivered as she rolled off my face.

I inhaled a deep breath as my jaw opened, but it wasn’t open for long. Jackson laid next to me, grabbing my head and shoving his cock inside my wet mouth. I whimpered, squirming as my lips gripped the base of his shaft.

            “Fuck… Good girl. Watching Eva ride your zipped up face was too much to handle. My cock is already eager for another round.

I whimpered, my wet tongue lashing against his salty shaft. His cum and Eva’s grool lathered the throbbing cock as I sucked it tenderly. It was already ready to burst, I could feel it as I sensually sucked.

            Jackson groaned, his hand holding the back of my mask and he began to slowly thrust his hips. The man held me down like a fuck down and his cock thrusted in and out of my open mouth—all I could do was lay there and take it.

Eva’s hands rode up and down my body, her soft touch grabbed and played with my tits, pinching my nipples as saliva dribbled down my lips onto the mask.
            “F-fuck!” Jackson groaned, holding me down as his cock burst into a volcanic eruption of cum. I squirmed like a fish out of water as the salty seed filled my mouth. The taste of his cum and her grool was too much to bare as I gleefully swallowed it all, licking my lips and panting as he pulled his cock out.

            My heart fluttered I heard Jackson panting like a dog. The fact that I, an innocent girl managed to make both of these sexually experienced people cum was amazing.

I gasped, swallowing the build-up of filth in my cheeks. I still couldn’t see, but my mind flooded with colors and pleasure as I licked my lips. Her sweet grool coated my taste buds.

            “Fuck… What a good girl, isn’t she?” Eva asked.

            “She is indeed. Her poor pussy is so wet, the filth is running down her legs.

Eva giggled. “I’m sure she’s enjoyed herself, though. Haven’t you, my dear?”

            “Y-yes, ma’am…” I gasped.

Even with my pussy being untouched, the sheer thought of being their little toy to use was amazing. The feeling of my body being in the control of Jackson was intense and put me on

            Eva held my face, her hand grabbing the bottom of the mask as she pulled it off my face.

I panted, my face red and wet with sweaty and saliva. The light was blinding in my eyes, but I immediately looked down to admire all of Eva’s amazing body.

            She caressed my face, leaning in and kissing me. My eyes fluttered close as the woman slipped her tongue inside my mouth, tasting the grool and cum concoction lingering on my lips.

I whimpered, my hands exploring her curvy and luscious body as she kissed me.

            Finally, she pulled away. A string of saliva connected out lips as I smiled wide.

            “What a wonderful girl.” Eva said, her eyes glimmering. “I can’t wait to have more fun with you this week… Perhaps, without the belt next time?

Eva bit her lip as I felt my clit quiver.

            Though I was more than eager to cum, a part of me didn’t want the belt to come off… Ever.

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