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Welcome to the wonderful world of enhanced masturbation! Chances are, you’ve already used your own hand, your partner’s hand, and have humped different objects either out of curiosity or pleasure. Here is where you get to level-up your experience and add toys that are designed to rock your world and give you satisfying orgasms when alone or with a partner! Many of these devices are made to simulate oral, anal, vaginal or penetrative sex, but some are designed for unique and new sensations and experiences! For those with a penis, there are masturbation sleeves that look like open mouths, pussies, or anuses and have delightfully textured interiors. For those with a vagina, you can enjoy mounting a love doll with a rock hard rod that never gets soft and humping him to satisfaction.

To enhance your solo-sessions, try out unique textured sleeves and masturbation cups or play with a vibrating toy that teases, tingles and tantalizes. The insides of many of these textured toys, such as the Tenga cup line, are ribbed and grooved in ways that stimulate the head, frenulum, and shaft as they add pressure with each stroke. Give yourself the perfect toys that edge you to the brink of ejaculation or orgasm with toys that suck, stroke and vibrate all at once such as the automatic strokers and masturbators! Explore the fantasy of sex dolls that allow you to thrust into the buttocks or pussy of a love doll without having to buy an entire, life size doll.

Masturbation toys can also be used as ways to explore new sexual interests and fantasies. Bring a sex doll masturbator into your bedroom and explore the fantasy with a silicone or TPE rubber torso or bottom! Some masturbation toys can be attached to vibrating wands as wand toppers so you can feel the satisfying rumbling vibes from a toy you already own and love! A few sleeves double as both solo-masturbation toys and as sleeves that area wearable and add girth during sex! Whether you want to have hand-held masturbator to stroke yourself with, an automatic stroker to suck, vibrate and milk you, or a sex doll torso to hump, grind on and ride, masturbation toys bring the spice back into solo play!

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