Lovense Max 2 with Neutral-Shaped Sleeve
Lovense App Controlled Masturbator
Lovense Max 2 - Almost feels like real

Lovense Max 2 with Neutral-Shaped Sleeve

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Product description

Introducing the Lovense Max 2 Wireless Male Masturbator, an innovative and high-tech pleasure device that sets a new standard in male satisfaction. 

Key Features:

  1. Air Pump Technology: The Lovense Max 2 takes male pleasure to the next level with innovative "air pump technology." Tiny air bubbles spread throughout the masturbator tunnel, delivering exhilarating massages to your penis.

  2. Vibrating Sensations: For added stimulation and enhancement, the Max 2 features a vibrator motor with three contraction settings and seven vibration settings, allowing you to customize your experience.

  3. 360-Degree Contraction: The soft TPE channel of the Max 2 provides a lifelike sensation with 360-degree contractions. The interior is adorned with numerous pimples and ribs that stimulate your intimate areas with each thrust.

  4. Discreet Design: Encased in a simple white high-gloss housing, the Max 2 boasts a discreet appearance. The masturbation cover can be easily removed for convenient cleaning.

  5. Extended Battery Life: With improved sensors, a longer battery life, and an easier charging process, the Lovense Max 2 guarantees an unforgettable and extended experience.

  6. Long-Distance Pleasure: Enjoy long-distance intimacy as your partner gains control over your toy through the app, regardless of the physical separation. Connect the Max 2 with the Nora vibrator for synchronized and responsive play, even from a distance.

  7. Enhanced Connectivity: Synchronize your Max 2 with your loved one via a smartphone video chat for a heightened level of virtual cybersex. Lovense products are crafted from safe, medical-grade silicone, are splash-proof, and feature integrated rechargeable batteries with a USB charging cable.

How It Works:

  • Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store to your smartphone.
  • Use the app to select vibration settings, adjust air pump intensity, or choose music for your solo pleasure.
  • Monitor the integrated rechargeable battery's status comfortably through the app.
  • Remote control functionality is available via the app, allowing your partner to take charge. Connect the toy to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

In addition, for those who prefer a traditional approach or have their mobile phone out of reach, the Lovense Masturbator offers two control buttons on its case for easy manual operation.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for solo or partner play
  • Long-distance control and long-distance sexual experiences
  • Realistic contractions and adjustable suction
  • Air pump technology for a unique sensation
  • Offers three contraction settings and seven vibration settings
  • App-controlled for seamless operation
  • Compatible with Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft products
  • Synchronizes with the Nora vibrator for "Long Distance Sex"

For an unparalleled male pleasure experience, explore the Lovense Max 2 and discover the perfect blend of innovation, stimulation, and customization for your intimate moments.

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