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Introducing Fun Factory MANTA: The ultimate men's vibrator designed for singles and couples alike. Its flexible wings adapt to any penis shape, hugging the glans and frenulum for targeted stimulation. Ingenious grooves hold lubricant, ensuring a smooth glide. Powered by the potent G5 motor, it delivers thrilling vibrations and explosive orgasms. Enjoy versatile use with or without an erection. The loop handle guarantees easy and comfortable handling. Elevate your pleasure with MANTA's velvety wings, creating an unparalleled experience that leads to unexpected climaxes. Upgrade your pleasure game today with MANTA, where unmatched stimulation meets exceptional comfort, setting a new standard for male satisfaction.

A penis toy with a royal look

  • Strong motor turns your penis into a vibe
  • Wraps around the penis for stroking or pinpoint pleasure
  • Makes any blowjob feel like deep throat
  • Ridges hold onto lube for an easy glide
  • Adapts to any size penis
  • Sophisticated Garnet color

Ever wondered why MANTA stands out as the new cutting-edge vibrator for men? 

MANTA boasts firm-yet-flexible silicone wings that effortlessly adapt to any penis shape and size, providing an instant and perfect fit. Its intelligent grooves, along with a strategically placed gap at the base of the wings, deliver targeted stimulation to the frenulum—a sensitive and pleasurable area just beneath the tip of the penis. Prepare yourself for an electrifying experience as the male masturbator vibrates, steadily building you up to an explosive climax that will leave you utterly satisfied.

But that's not all. MANTA has a smart lube retention system that ensures the lubricant stays precisely where you need it—on the wings—even during longer sessions. No interruptions, just pure pleasure.

As we believe aesthetics matter as much as functionality, MANTA comes in three exquisite colors: rich, earthy Moss Green, vibrant Deep Sea Blue, and timeless Black—all complemented by the classy black handle. Indulge yourself in style while exploring the heights of pleasure with MANTA, the vibrator that redefines male satisfaction.

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