Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine
Cowgirl Premium Silicone Fucking Machine
Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine for various kind of attachments
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Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine Non Penetrating Attachment
Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine Attachment
Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine with Dildo for Anal as Vaginal Penetration
Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine easy to change the dildo
Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine easy to move around
Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine with Remote for vibration and rotation control
Various Positions with the Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine
Enjoy the Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine alone whenever you want
Sex Furniture Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine
Cowgirl Silicone Sex Machine
Sex Machines for couples - Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine
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Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine

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Product description

The Cowgirl is a premium sex machine aimed at revolutionizing a long outdated category.

Inspired by a world-popular position that’s often difficult to replicate via sextech, The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine offers a high-tech and luxurious erotic experience for those who want to ride in style.

The Cowgirl was created to empower riders to own their pleasure. By partnering with powerful individuals like actress and sex educator Jessica Drake, featured in The Cowgirl’s introductory videos, and photographer Deborah Anderson, who shot the launch campaign, the brand continues to engage inspiring industry leaders.

Whether enjoying its power, modern design, or interactive capabilities, The Cowgirl is a forward- thinking innovation and a notable symbol of sexual empowerment.

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine is an award-winning saddle-shaped sex machine, designed for intense G-spot stimulation to accommodate every sexual desire.

Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine

What is included:

  • High-Quality Riding Sex Machine
  • 2 Silicone Attachments
  • Corded LED Remote
  • Global Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Ride To Guide

Carefully crafted comfort
Hailed by Men's Health as the ‘ultimate vibrator’ for solo & couples’ play, The Cowgirl is a modern sex machine that offers a sexual experience like no other. Uniquely saddle-shaped to keep you nestled in, the saddle has additional padding to make every bounce and every slide as realistic and luxurious as possible. With the contact piece angled to provide ergonomic support, it also brings an added element of realism that uplifts every ride. Made with vegan leather, cleaning The Cowgirl is easy and fast.

Freedom of control
Use The Cowgirl however you like - with the remote or cordless with the app (iOS and Android) from a distance of up to 30 feet (9 meters) away. Either way, both have been designed so that when you or your partner are in the moment, you have complete control on the power, rotation, and pattern, without needing to do too much.

Unparalleled luxury
Luxury materials, unparalleled comfort, and ultimate functionality deliver the most superior experience. Every feature of The Cowgirl has been carefully curated to bring out a pleasure machine of sheer perfection. Sexy in look, stiff and sturdy, and sublime to touch, the small addition of silicone non-slip bumpers on the base help keep the machine sturdy when in use. The addition of easy-grip handles make carrying it an absolute breeze. It’s the cherry on top.

Perfect for Couples - Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine

Form and function
Made with body safe silicone, the attachments that make every experience entirely unique have been moulded to ensure varied degrees of stimulation are provided to multiple erogenous zones. Our large array of attachments perfectly mimic various intensities of penetrative and non-penetrative stimulations. The Cowgirl's accessories pair modern form with superior functionality in the two included body-safe silicone attachments.

Cowgirl 2.0 app
Take the reins for the rodeo of your life with the Cowgirl 2.0 app. Turn any Bluetooth device into your personal pleasure remote for controlling your Cowgirl or Unicorn Premium Sex Machine. Our app is ideal for making seamless adjustments to your pleasure session, giving you full control over your machine's settings and leaving your hands free to fully indulge in your experience.

  • Single-Hand Mode: Always keep one hand free for whatever need might... arise with Single-hand Mode. Control the rotation and intensity of your ride with a simple finger slide.
  • Dual-Hand Mode: Grab the bull by the horns for full, seamless control in Dual-Hand Mode. Simultaneously adjust rotation and vibration for a range of sensations.
  • Multiple Patterns: Use the pattern preset options to let the Cowgirl take you on a journey with rhythmic sequences to stimulate you into the sunset. With a variety of options that will have you rocking, grinding, pulsing, and vibing, we've thought of every attachment and stimulation when curating this cumfest of presets.
  • Get lost in a loop: Gallop into an infinity of paradise with the Endless Pleasure mode. Use our preset functions, or explore the settings yourself and combine them together for an ultimate, hands-free experience. Create your own patterns and loops to rotate and vibrate to your climactic finish.
  • The Cowgirl 2.0 App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
The Cowgirl App Google Play Store

The Cowgirl App Apple App Store

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