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Degrading the Queen's Servant

on Jul 18, 2023

I sat on my balcony, enjoying a glass of wine while the sun set over the horizon. My red dress fluttered in the wind, as did my short brown hair. Beside me, my phone buzzed.

I glanced over, wondering which desperate boy was begging for my attention this time.

            Unfortunately for me, it was Craig.

Craig was a younger man, about half my age, having just graduated from college. I had decided to give him a chance after he wouldn’t stop hitting on me at a bar—and I had shown him quite the night. The young lad wasn’t my type of man at all, his cock was almost as pathetic as he was, though, to his credit—he was an obedient little pup.

            Craig licked me wherever I wanted, for however long I asked without so much as a word in rebuttal. In fact, he seemed to enjoy being dominated by me, despite me not even touching his cock the entire time.

            While I enjoyed my men a bit…More manly, I did appreciate Craig’s ability to take orders like a dog. Though, I did wish he would stop begging me for another session.

My wandering eyes glanced over to the text as I finished my wine.

            ‘Please, Danielle. Let me pleasure you again, I’ll do whatever you want, mistress.’

My lips cracked into a smile. Mistress. It was what I commanded him to call me, and even after all this time he still hadn’t forgotten. I gave Craig my phone number in case I ever got bored or wanted someone to worship me, knowing that he’d be more than willing. I should have just ignored him, but something deep inside made my clit giddy at the thought of making him my little slave. Perhaps it was the wine, or perhaps it was the knowledge that I had him wrapped around my fingers.

            I placed the empty wine glace down on the table, picking up my phone.

            ‘Beg me, slave. And perhaps I’ll give you a chance.’ I sent the text, and within a second I got a reply.

            ‘Please, mistress. I beg you, let me worship your body. I’ll do anything you want.’ The smirk on my lips widened.

            ‘Good. Tomorrow I may give you the honor of being my little pet’

            ‘Thank you, mistress!’

I tossed the phone to the side, my brown eyes twinkling as I imagine Craig down by my feet, worshiping me like the dog he was. His cock wouldn’t do, however. It was tiny and nowhere near good enough for me. If I wanted to be satisfied, I needed a real man.

I grabbed my phone again, scrolling through the endless options of stallions—my eyes landed on Dominic. The Latin stud had a swinging cock, one that I hadn’t used in quite a while. Sending him a text, I invited the man over for the night. Like all of them, he was more than ecstatic to have the honor of filling my slit. 

            Dominic laid in bed next to me as I sat on the edge. The balcony doors were open, letting in a beautiful breeze. My brown nipples were hard as the breeze made the sweat on my skin cold as ice. Dominic and I had been going at it all night.

            The man definitely did miss me. He came over as soon as my text was sent, and given by how hard and excited his big cock was, the man hadn’t experienced pussy like mine since our last encounter.

            I glanced over at him. His chiseled body slumbering softly. He did have quite an eventful night, so the rest was well deserved. Even despite that, my pussy was still quivering—still needing to be pleasured. My lips curled into a smile. Craig may have some actual use after all.

My slit was full of Dominic’s seed. I elected not to clean it up, that was a job for Craig. The boy would come over in a heartbeat if I asked. When Dominic finally rose, so did his cock. I rode him like a stallion one last time before sending him off.

By now, his seed was running down my leg like a river. Each breath I took caused more of the dirty filth to ooze out.

            There must have been half a dozen loads blown inside me. My pussy lips stuck closed to try and keep as much of it inside as possible.

            I leaned against the frame of the balcony, my clit quivering as salty seed coated my inner thighs.

            ‘Come over. I need you to clean up my stud’s mess.’

I sent the text to Craig. Not a minute passed before he replied.

            ‘Yes, mistress! I’m on my way.’

My dirty smirk grew into a full-fledged grin. What an obedient dog Craig turned out to be. Perhaps the boy had more use than I gave him credit for. I walked into the den attached to my bedroom. A room I designed just for dirty fun.

The walls were aligned with ropes, leather paddles, gags, and a whole host of other dirty toys. Though my eyes were fixated on my brand new queening chair.

Craig came over right away—as I expected.

The shaggy-haired boy was panting like an eager puppy as I opened up my front door in just a white shower robe.

            “Hello mistress, I came as quick as I could!” Craig said, his cheeks alight with blush.

            “I knew you would, dog. Now come inside.”

The boy grinned from ear to ear as I closed the door behind him. I could feel the heat emanating from his skin as he walked past me.

            “Now… On your knees.” I commanded.

The boy listened without hesitation, dropping to his knees in front of me like a sack of rocks. I couldn’t help but laugh as I leaned back against the door. Lifting a foot, I wiggled my toes in front of his face. “Go ahead, boy.” I said.

            My drenching wet pussy peered out from the bottom of the gown as the boy held onto my foot. His thumbs ran up and down my soles as her pupils quivered. Like a good dog, his tongue draped out from his mouth as he ran it up and down my sweaty foot sole. 

            “Good boy,” I said with a giggle, my toes shoved inside his wet waiting mouth as the boy lashed his tongue against my delicate skin. Craig’s hand reached down his body. The boy grabbed the growing bulge in his jeans as he groped his throbbing cock.

“No, no. No touching yourself, dog.” I said demeaningly.

            The boy whimpered, nodding his head as my toes swirled inside his mouth. My fingers ran through his hair as he gagged on my dirty foot. The boy knew his place.            I pulled my wet foot out, saliva connected his trembling lip to my big toe as pulled the boy by his hair to my room.

He whimpered as his knees crawled along the tile, but he didn’t complain. The boy followed the scent of my filthy pussy like a bloodhound. He followed me through my bedroom, and I noticed his brown eyes catch sight of my dirty black panties—draping off my mattress.

“What’s that, dog? Want a treat?” Letting go of his hair, I strutted over and grabbed my dirty panties. I had worn these all day yesterday when I went for a run and even when Dominic came to visit. It was fair to say that those panties were drenched and filthy.

            I waved them in front of his face, noticing the white grool lathering the crotch.

“Go ahead and have a sniff.”

I shoved the panties into his face. A visible shiver shot up Craig’s spine as his eyes rolled back. The boy’s tongue lashed at the dirty fabric. With a dirty smirk, I shoved the panties into his mouth.

            He gasped as his lips gripped the fabric, dangling out of his mouth.

He sucked long and deep, his mind buzzing with pleasure at the taste of my filth.

            I led the pathetic boy into my re-designed den, the lighting was dim with a reddish tint.

“Now take your clothes off, dog.” I ordered.

            Craig pulled the panties out of his mouth, playing with the fabric in his hands. “Y-yes, mistress.”

His shaking fingers pulled off his shirt and pulled down his jeans. He was thin as a twig.

            Craig’s cock pressed up against his blue boxers.

He tugged those down as well, his hard shaft springing out like a doorstop. I bit my lip, but I couldn’t contain my laughter. “Hahah! Oh fuck, I forgot how tiny you are.” 

Craig’s cock was pathetic, to say the least. It was as thin as my pinky finger, and hardly any longer. The tip was already dripping with pre-cum as it quivered.

            “S-sorry mistress…” Craig said bashfully.

            “There are other ways you can be of service.”

I walked him to the queening chair, a big cushioned box with a seat hole. One side of the chair was open, allowing Craig to lie on the ground. His face inches from the seat hole.

            “Stick your head in and lay down,” I commanded.

As always, Craig listened without question. He stuck his head inside the box, peering out of the seat hole.

            I took his hands and held them off to the side.

On the outside of the chair, there were straps that I used to tie down Craig. There was no way out now.

            Standing to my feet, my eyes fell back to his pathetic cock, twitching wildly as the boy panted eagerly.

Shrugging my shoulders, the white bathrobe fell off my shoulders, curling by my feet.

            The cum in my slit was still dripping. Dominick had filled me up well, and now Craig would prove to be helpful in cleaning me up.

I reached down to grab my dirty panties, playfully tossing them onto his throbbing cock.

            “Ready, dog?” I asked, straddling the queening chair. My ass and pussy spread as I glanced down at Craig’s panting face through the seat hole.

The boy’s face was flushed red, his body squirmed like a fish out of water. “Y-yes! Yes, mistress!”

            “Good dog. Now lick me clean… Both holes.”

I grinned as I sat down square on the hole. I could feel Craig’s face push up between my ass cheeks he pushed his face up—desperate to bury himself against my wetness.

            “Actually… No licking yet.” I said, an evil grin crossing my lips. “Smell my filthy pussy.”

            “B-but…. Okay, yes mistress.” Craig said reluctantly.

The boy’s nose oppressed up against my panting pussy. Dominick’s seed trailed down my puffy slit—dripping like rain onto Craig’s face.

“Fuck… You smell so good.” The boy whimpered.

            “Do I now? Do you want a taste?”

            “Yes! Please mistress!”

Craig squirmed like a fish out of water. His toes curling.

            “Beg.” I replied, coldly.

            “Please, mistress! Let me clean your filthy pussy, I need to taste it! Please!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Fine, go ahead you pathetic little boy. Have a taste.”

            “Th-thank you, mistress!”

Craig’s wet tongue lashed against my slit. For a pathetic little thing, he worked his tongue well. Each stroke dug in between my moist slit.

I could feel Dominick’s cum dribbling down into his mouth—Craig’s cock throbbing wildly underneath my panties.

“There you go…Nice and slow now.” I said, biting my lips as Craig ate up the filth in my slit.

            The boy’s hands curled into fists as his wrists were bound. He shoved his face up right into my ass until his nose pressed against my panting asshole.

His tongue lashed wildly like he was a starving beast. I could hear his moans from inside the chair as his body squirmed.

            I couldn’t help but quiver myself. The boy was small and pathetic, but he knew how to use his tongue.

Each lick seemed to dig deeper than the last, as the filth oozed out onto his face.

            “How does it taste?” I said, my eyes fluttering as Craig devoured my dirty slit.

Craig reeled back. “A-amazing… Holy shit.”

            “My filthy pussy, mixed with the cum of a real man? I didn’t think you’d enjoy it so much.”

            “I do, mistress. I love pleasing you” Craig was panting heavily, his warm breath on my slit sent a shiver up my spine.

The boy’s tongue slipped back away from my spilling pussy—towards my asshole.

            “Ohhh!” I moaned quietly as the boy’s wet tongue buried inside my asshole. The pleasure coursed up my spine as my clit throbbed.

I could hear the cacophony of saliva, cum, and grool down below as the sounds echoed out of the queening chair.

            The tip of Craig’s twitching cock was dripping with precum all over his stomach. The poor boy’s cock was begging to cum.

I reached over with my feet, my toes stroking up and down his tiny little shaft. “Hmm your cock seems so desperate to cum. You do want to cum, don’t you?’

            “Y-yes, mistress.” The boy moaned between licks. “So badly.”

            “Pfft. Unfortunately, you don’t get to cum.”

I pulled my feet back, leaving his cock twitching back against his stomach—spilling his precum onto my panties.

            The boy’s tongue lashed against both holes, cleaning me out perfectly.

My clit could barely take it anymore, though the pleasure was intense—I couldn’t let the boy know he was pleasuring me so well.

            My toes curled and my heart fluttered. A soft whimper escaped my lips.

I stepped down on his lower abdomen, keeping the boy from squirming out of his shackles.

His tongue licked up the filth inside me, cleaning me out completely.

I stood up, my knees shaking as I stared down the hole at Craig’s face.

            The boy was covered. His entire face was coated in filth. Grool, cum, and saliva lathered him from forehead to chin as he panted for air.

“You did well, boy.” I said, smirking down at him.

            “Th-thank you, mistress.” Craig licked his lips as he squirmed. “You tasted so good.”

            “Perhaps I’ll leave you in there for a while longer. Let you bathe in that filth.”

            “Anything you want, mistress…”

My eyes fell back to his quivering little cock. His balls were tought and full, the poor boy must be begging to cum.

            “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to wash the filth off your face… The queening chair doubles as a toilet as well.” I flashed the boy a wink and walked away, closing the door behind me.




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